Weekly Poll: Will bwin.party be sold in pieces or as a whole?

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Bwin.party non-executive chairman Philip Yea confirmed the company is in “further discussions” with undisclosed suitors looking to acquire some or all of bwin.party, which is why we decided to ask our readers, “Will bwin.party be sold in pieces or as a whole?”

69% voted, “In pieces” and 31% said “As a whole.”

Yea did not divulge the names of the interested parties nor the number of offers that have been made, saying only that the company is still testing the potential buyers against each other and these process usually take a long time.

In November 2014, the company confirmed that it had begun talks with interested parties. Rumors of potential buyers surfaced with names like Amaya Gaming and Playtech.

The company’s stock fell by 20% last month following rumors that acquisition negotiations had fallen apart, reportedly after failing to convince bwin.party to sell their assets piecemeal. There was speculation that prospective acquirers were interested only in buying the sportsbetting arm, the company’s bread and butter, with online poker being less attractive. Bwin share prices recovered slightly after further speculation that Amaya was still in the picture.

Purchasing all of the company’s assets could make sense for Amaya, to increase monopoly on the global online poker market and absorb a competitor that is already well-established and licensed in the US through its operations in New Jersey.

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