leading their readers to the slaughter house once again?

TOPBET-coversIf you remember back to July, we brought you an in-depth look at a new Sportsbook that was setting up shop in Manila. The article looked at the dodgy history of Noel Samson, the man behind and World Hub Services. If you remember Samson is one of the characters behind the notorious Futurebet group.

It’s funny how things can come full circle in this industry. has started taking bets, just in time for football season. Despite a shady past, a known scammer running the show, a long history of cheating bettors and the dreaded F-rating at the reputable sportsbook ratings site, Sportsbook Review, they found a website willing to promote them as an honest book to would be gamblers.

This week, elevated into the top six of their “Where to Play” listings for American sports bettors.

It seems that head honchos are one again trying to lead the lambs to slaughter by promoting an underfunded and dodgy sportsbook to their unsuspecting readers.

Despite being behind one of the largest player balance thefts since BetOnSports with their perpetually number 1 ranked sportsbook BetED, sees dollar signs and has taken the bold step to try their luck one more time.

Thankfully many of the regulars, still stinging from the BetED balance theft fiasco, were quick to point out’s F-Rating and our expose on the Noel Samson/Futurebet group.

The and quite possibly BetED owners Joe MacDonald and Paul Lavers, who both post under the handle “Lou” in the Covers forum, were quick to respond to the questioning. “Lou” posted the following message,

“Hey Boys,

I know the guys running Top Bet well and I think they are doing a great job.

Top Bet has 1 free payout per month and pay outs take 5 – 12 business days and I am hoping in time they can take 12 days out of the equation. They say 12 days is rare but IMO its better they tell you this up front instead of saying 2-3 days and making you wait 12.

If you have any questions give their customer service a call at 1- 877-528-6748 and they have operators that speak English that will help you out.

Keep winning my friends,

Have Lavers or MacDonald ever heard of the Boy Who Cried Wolf?

It’s amazing that would have the balls to shill for a shady, underfunded sportsbook, especially after burning their readers with BetED.

If we didn’t already know that scam artist Noel Samson of Futurebet was behind, we’d guess was just another white label like BetED or

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