Detroit Casinos turn to social media

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Detroit casinosFrom a marketing standpoint, everyone is trying to find ways to utilize the powerful force known as social media. We’ve talked in the past on the Tablog about the importance of having your brand “liked” on social media and now it seems land-based casinos in Detroit are catching on.

As the Detroit News reports, when Detroiter Henry Balanon sent a message through social networking site Twitter announcing to friends he was enjoying a night at MGM Grand Detroit, the social media team monitoring the casino’s Twitter account responded quickly with cookies and treats sent to his room, a gesture that still resonates with Balanon two years later.

Detroit casinos have since gone full blown into their social media campaign using Twitter and Facebook to provide a new level of customer service in what has become an increasingly competitive market.

Currently, Detroit’s three casinos send social media messages about jackpots and promotions and responding to customer queries via social media all in an effort to compete for the almighty gambling dollar.

Competition is fierce, Detroit competes for gambling dollars from north of the border with Caesars Windsor across the river in Canada and will soon face competition for business from four new Ohio casinos — three of which are tentatively scheduled to open next year.

The importance of social media in the gaming industry can’t be overstated. Using social media accomplishes a number of key objectives: It allows the casinos respond directly to their customers and it gives the casinos a voice to reach the modern generations and keep them up to date on new products and promotions. Additionally, social media increases brand presence and fosters a sense of community with common groups.


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