188Bet expects redundancies; Bet365 squeezing staff into porta-cabins

TAGs: 188Bet, Bet365, Isle of Man is reporting that online betting operator 188Bet has warned its Isle of Man staff that some of them may need to start updating their CV’s. 188Bet, which employs about 35 people in the Isle of Man’s capital Douglas, in addition to offices in Singapore and the Philippines, released the following statement:

188BET is currently undergoing a strategic review of each area of its global activity as part of an internal restructuring of the business. Having established itself as a leading brand in the global gaming market through innovative partnerships with a number of Premier League Football clubs, 188BET is now considering how best to deploy the company’s resources for the next phase of the brand’s growth. The review is expected to be concluded within the next month.

The news follows the recent announcement that the UK will soon require operators serving British punters to hold licenses issued by the Gambling Commission, although operators licensed by the so-called ‘white list’ of online gaming jurisdictions, which includes the Isle of Man, were assured that they would be handled with a ‘lighter touch’ to ensure minimal disruption to business.

Across the water, Bet365 is also having staffing issues, but of an entirely different nature. reports that planning officers at Stoke-on-Trent City Council have approved Bet365’s request to install eight portable cabins on its property for up to two years to accommodate the company’s burgeoning workforce. Four of the cabins are already in use on Bet365’s car park, but had been scheduled for removal this month had Council not granted the company’s request. The eight cabins will provide office space for up to 160 staffers while renovations are completed on Three Counties House – the recently purchased premises adjacent to the current Bet365 offices that will eventually become the staffers’ permanent digs. At least, assuming the company doesn’t outgrow that joint in due course.


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