Blue Monday indictee denies he owns betEd


BetedOne of the individuals indicted on Blue Monday has denied that he’s ever been the owner of betED or related companies. David Parchomchuk, indicted by the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Maryland, saw his named banded round as the owner or founder of ThrillX Systems after the charges were reported late last month.

His representatives, have now told eGaming Review, “His name is not, and has never been, on any company share certificates, registry, domain, or anything else related to betED, ThrillX, OneUpNetworks, or any other associated companies.”

Lawyer Jeff Ifrah has been recruited by Parchomchuk since the indictments and commented, “By indicting a software programmer, Maryland has expanded the definition of who is “in the business of” gambling.“Traditionally only operators, processors and their owner/directors have been included in this definition.”

He continued, “Parchomchuk himself claims to have “provided technical consulting services to this company, as I’ve done for numerous other clients in my career.”

The original charges were brought against Parchomchuk and Darren Wright from British Colombia and Ann Marie Puig from Costa Rica on May 24. Specifically they relate to conducting an illegal gambling business and money laundering with a date for the trials not yet set.

Speaking via a representative, Parchomchuk stated, “I had no reason to believe that I would be indicted for providing technical services to this company. As a husband and father I would not have jeopardized my livelihood, or the security of my family.”

The sworn affidavit alleges that back in 2009, a Maryland-based gambler set up an account with betED and gambled in the state. Linwood was used by betED to wire the $100 worth of winnings to the gambler. In all, 11 bank accounts and ten domain names were seized on Blue Monday