BHA names and shames seven

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BHA brings chargesThere has been weeks of rumors flying around the horseracing industry as to whether the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) would be taking any race fixers to the gallows. It has now been revealed that five jockeys and two owners have been found guilty of “serious breaches” of the rules of racing and have been charged as a result.

The jockeys facing charges are ex-Champion apprentice Greg Fairly, Paul Doe, veteran Jimmy Quinn, one of the Uk’s leading female riders Kirsty Milzcarek and Paul Fitzsimons. Maurice Sines and James Crickmore are the two owners charged along with six other men in relation to the offences.

They centre on horses being laid to lose on betting exchanges in relation to 10 races that took place between 17 January and 15 August 2009. Penalties for the offences are sever and guidelines state that any jockey guilty of “deliberately not riding a horse to obtain the best possible placing for personal reward or knowing it has been laid to lose” faces a disqualification of between five and 25 years.

They have also been charged with a breach that alleges, “they communicated directly or indirectly to one or more betting exchange account holders, for material reward, gift, favour or benefit in kind, information relating to the prospects of the named horse”.

It’s alleged that the other individuals, jockeys excepted, “caused the jockey in the race to act by communicating to him directly or indirectly, at his request and for material reward, gift, favour or benefit in kind, Inside Information in relation to the named horse”.

The charges are widespread and it would look from the outside that the horseracing industry is getting tough on these kinds of cheats. Until the case has concluded, the Professional Jockeys Association explained that they will “continue to offer advice and support to the jockeys should they seek it.” After that case concludes they’re on their own and, if guilty, so they should be.


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