US NEWS: New Jersey bill creates more than 57,000 jobs; Virginia closes ranks


new-jersey-jobs-virginia-closes-ranksIf the New Jersey Internet gaming bill is passed in the next seven days it will create as many as 57,000 jobs.

The jobs that will be created has been one of the drums that iMEGA has been beating all along and means that they stay true to the promise that it will reinvigorate the state’s economy.

In order for Jersey to beat out competition from Florida, Iowa, and California, amongst others, and become the first US jurisdiction to offer online wagering, those in support will be hoping Governor Christie makes the one out of four decision that they want.

March 3rd will see Christie either veto the Bill, opt for a conditional veto, which sends the Bill back to Assembly and Senate for changes, sign the bill into law, or he could choose to do nothing. Obviously the final two are favored as the bill automatically becomes law by March 4th, but as long as he doesn’t go for the dreaded V then iMEGA will be able to sleep easy.

Meanwhile Virginia is showing they can stay in the dark ages of prohibition for as long as they see fit.

Delegate Clifford L. Athey Jr’s legislation attempts to criminalize all forms of online gaming whether it is a lottery or Internet cafes offering players the chance to play their favorite games online.

Internet cafes had been getting round the law by claiming that they were offering “sweepstakes,” a word that has now been added to the list of dirty words not allowed to be associated with the cafes.

“I want to thank Senator Obenshain and Delegate Oder for their hard work on the companion House Bills 1700 and 1584 and Senate Bill 1195 which outlaw Internet casino gambling in Virginia, while preserving the ability of restaurants to offer Internet time and games, which don’t involve gambling,” said Athey.

The law allows criminal charges to be brought against establishments offering online gambling but the cafes and anyone offering online gambling in the state is likely to try and step around the law. It won’t be too long until people are only allowed to drink coffee in these establishments and even then that may be deemed a bit too much in Virginia.