Deron Williams traded to Nets

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deron williams

I'm out!

Deron Williams is the latest player to be shipped out East as the NBA continues to restructure itself. Less than 48 hours ago we were talking about how Carmelo Anthony’s trade to the New York Knicks was going to affect the league, now this. Unofficially, the trade sent Deron Williams to the Nets in exchange for Devon Harris and developing rookie, Derrick Favors.

It’s not surprising that Williams was dealt, he may have wore out his welcome in Utah with the whole Jerry Sloan mystery. They believe in two things in Salt Lake City, and that’s the Mormon religion and Jerry Sloan. As for Deron, though he may never admit it, he’s wanted out of Utah for a while and you can’t blame him, he’s not working with much; they got rid of all his weapons including the only other all-star on the team in Carlos Boozer.

For the Nets, part of the impetus for this move had to be to save face, considering they missed out completely on the superstar firesale in the NBA. At least they lured Deron to the swamp. Hope Deron can stomach losing. Alot.

To me, this is more than just a trade involving the Utah Jazz and the New Jersey Nets. This is yet another big name player, (also a member of Team USA Redeem Team) heading to a bigger market. How many more? When does it end? We’ve already heard grumblings from Chris Paul in the off-season, could he be the next to move?

And what does this mean for the small market team in the NBA? It’s meant what it has always meant, they don’t have a chance. The only small market team that I can see winning a championship in the near future is Oklahoma. It must be tough for the Milwaukee Bucks fan knowing that in the last 30 years only a handful of teams have won NBA Championships.

Parity exists in other North American professional sports, but not in the NBA. Big market, big names, big money, Stern is happy.


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