Sloan walks, Spurs walk the walk

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SloanThere’s going to be a lot of sad Mormons in Salt Lake City…It’s being reported all over the NBA universe that Jerry Sloan, the longest serving head coach in all of professional sports, is walking away from the game after 22 seasons as the head man for the Utah Jazz.

Most people are shocked about this news, and they shouldn’t be. Sloan is almost 70 years old. How many 70 year old men are still coaching a professional team? There’s been rumors about an apparent dust up between Sloan and the Jazz GM, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter the reason, it was time. There’s nothing left for Sloan to prove, the man is already in the Hall.

What I’m interested in is whether the culture on the court will change in Utah. Sure, the Jazz are always in the playoffs, but since the days of MJ and Malone and Stockton, have they ever been a threat to really contend for the title? Even Charles Barkley would have to say “no”.

While Jerry Sloan walks, the San Antonio Spurs are walking the walk of champions. Of all the teams in the NBA, I never thought I would be discussing the possibility of the Spurs winning 70 games this year. But at 44-8, they actually have a chance. Sportsbooks might as well throw the odds up there because you know there’s bettors crazy enough to take that gamble. Could they win 72? Now that’s just crazy talk.

Realistically, the Spurs should cool down in the second half of the season. But this season has already defied realistic expectations for the team, so you never know. Every Spurs fan I know has a shit eating grin on their face these days, and they should. Remember the whole Tony Parker and Eva Longoria cheating scandal? That disappeared real fast didn’t it? It’s amazing what winning can do.

Losing can be just as powerful, ask Brett Favre, one of the best QB’s ever, who is now known mostly as a guy who takes photos of his dick.

Got problems? Just win baby, just win.

One thing I do know is that the NBA season is a long, tough grind and the Spurs have some old and battered bodies. Will Ginobili hold up down the stretch? Will Duncan? And even if they make it through the season, just how much do they have in the tank for the playoffs?


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