Confession app more sign of Apple world domination plans

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confession-appThe nut – or should we say fruit – that the online gaming industry is finding it continually hard to crack is a device made by a company that has aspirations for world domination. Anyone that thought Apple’s plans for the iPlanet were going to flounder as Steve Jobs pulled a sicky have been met with a rude awakening after plans to take over the running of the Catholic church were leaked.

With all the Adam and Eve gags known to man to choose from when promoting this App, that shouldn’t be a problem, and the confession app is being touted as the “perfect aid for every penitent.”

For $1.99 the user gets a password-protected “examination of conscience” based on their age, sex, vocation, and time elapsed since last confession. It also has seven acts of contrition to choose from.

It was developed by the three-man team at Little iApps, a US company “with a Roman Catholic Twist,” and leader of the three-man team Patrick Leinen was quoted as saying that his team wanted to engage Catholics with new media in response to the Pope’s address on world communications last year.

”Our bishop was very excited about it,” Mr Leinen said. ”We were able to work with several priests in order to get that examination of conscience created, so it was kind of fun.”

There is no time scale on whether they’ll be developing a karma tracker for Hindu’s and Buddhist’s, or if one will be created related to the caste system in India. One thing’s for sure though: Jobs will be happy his plans to take over the world are continuing unabated. Mwuhahaha.


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