iOS14 its time to get excited about Apple’s new features


Apple has just released the latest version of its operating system iOS14 and the team decided to take it for a test drive. Normally, Apple fans wouldn’t be seeing a new operating system at this time of year. But the COVID-19 pandemic has seen the tech giant turn its focus from the iPhone 12 to releasing a new piece of software.

If you have an iPhone 6s or newer, then you’ll be seeing the option download iOS14. The latest version of the operating system has a raft of new changes and we looked under the hood and picked out some of our favourite new editions to the iPhone after installing the update.

Apps Clips – Say hello to my little friend

App Clips is a new feature on iOS 14 that allows you to download pieces of functionality without having to install a new app on your iPhone. If you are using your phone for a COVID-19 check-in at a restaurant, buying coffee or renting a scooter App Clips will take out the hassle of simple tasks on your phone.

The App Library

Swipe right from your home screen and the new iOS 14 organises all your apps into folders. It an easy way to declutter your home screen. The App Library organises your apps to its own categories and is similar to the app drawer that you would find on Android. 

Picture in Picture on iPhone

Now in iOS 14, you can continue a Facetime conversation when you open another app. Those you have an iPad would know about this feature. The picture doesn’t take up the entire screen and the compact interface allows you access to other apps from your iPhone from the same screen.

New Widgets

The new iOS 14 now comes with widgets to the home screen, in a variety of sizes. You can add widgets through the Widget gallery and apps will make room for new widget automatically.

Translate App

A brand-new translation app means you can translate conversations offline. Tap on the microphone icon and select your language. The app supports 11 new languages with more to be released in the future.

iMessage Memoji

The new iMessage apps feature new Memoji face masks and pinned messages as well as new features for group chats and mentions.

Headphone Audio Alerts

You can adjust your AirPods to measure audio levels of your headphones. This means you can tailor the sound level to an individual setting, and you can now also link to pairs of AirPods to Apple TV.

Leaked Passwords

The feature is an alert in the iCloud keychain that lets you know about a leaked password. iOS 14 now comes with Security Recommendations that show passwords that could cause security issues.

Voice Memos

The Voice Memo app has been updated to include a new enhanced recording functionality. This means that the app can reduce background noise within the app for the recording.

One for the future – Unlock your car with your phone

Expect this functionality to feature heavily in 2021, with the new BMW series the first to feature this. You’ll be able to unlock your car with NFC technology within your phone and be able to assign and limit the features to other drivers. While it won’t work on your old Prius, it’s an exciting feature of what’s to come.

IOS 14 Release Date: September 16th, 2020

How to Download iOS14

If you are looking to update your iOS scroll the settings app on your phone. Look for the update under General > Software Update.