Doyle Brunson on the move; hissy-fit Hamilton; hip-hop Hellmuth

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Doyle-Brunson-Cake-NetworkDoyle Brunson is much in the news these days, following his recent blog post that painted Las Vegas as “becoming more and more a not very desirable place for a poker pro to live.” Calling the outlook of Vegas’ live poker scene “bleak,” Brunson is pondering a move to California, where “at least there are a few mid level games that are played regularly.”

Brunson may not be the only Doyle currently considering a change of address. The anonymous chatter in online poker forums suggests Doyle’s Room is preparing to leave the Cake Poker Network, possibly ending up at Cereus. A few days prior to his blog post, Brunson was in Costa Rica, home to the Cereus Network’s Doyle’s Room has been with Cake two years now, following Microgaming’s decision to pull out of the US market, and is the largest skin on Cake. promises to keep an eye on the situation.

Speaking of, a 2+2 poster is claiming that Russ Hamilton, alleged perpetrator of Ultimate Bet’s $20m ‘superuser’ scandal, threw something of a tantrum at Florida’s Gulfstream Park poker room the other night. According to poster “Slif”, after he and his buddy took their seats, they recognized Hamilton at their table and began “an array of subtle verbal abuses” about the scandal, prompting the following outburst from an enraged Hamilton.

“You are a fucking dick…. a fucking dick. If you believe everything you read you are just stupid, just a stupid fucking dick. You do not know what you are talking about, you were not there. You just read about it and think you know…” Security arrived, so Slif and buddy proclaimed loudly that they didn’t want to play in a joint that “caters to this type of cheating scum,” then took their chips and bolted, leaving Hamilton with “a beaming bright red face and the veins on his neck popping out.” What does a stroke feel like?

Also beaming is Phil Hellmuth, the proud papa of a new mobile phone game featuring his likeness. Hellmuth’s High-Stakes Hold’Em is a collaboration between the poker brat, Oasys Mobile and Connect2Media that allows you to play tournament style with Hellmuth’s coaching, or go heads up against the man himself if you think you’ve got the cards (and the balls). But really, to best appreciate the product’s qualities, check out the pasty white guy ‘freestyling’…


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