Fire and ICE stage show sponsor announced


Fire-and-Ice-Gilgamesh-boobsAs we approach a week after which your liver will never be the same again, the final touches are being added to the party the end them all. Fire and ICE takes place next Wednesday (26th) at Gilgamesh in Camden and if you miss all the other iGaming parties this year just make sure you attend this one.

Today iGaming software provider Geneity has been announced as the sponsor of the imaginative, and sure to be infamous, stage show at this year’s edition of Fire and ICE.

Details of the stage show are a closely guarded secret but the theme of the party is “Unmask your Imagination” and the organizers of the party, Michael Caselli and Jodie Thind of Lyceum Media, had the following to say about the events on the night.

“We’ll bring you past the threshold of reality, guide you to the depths of fear and elevate you to the peaks of your erotic misgivings,” said Caselli. “Besides the provocative stage acts, expect our ambient performances to fully immerse you in the spiralling madness as you are introduced, possibly for the very first time, to the shrouded regions of your mind. Unmask your Imagination – stripping yourself of your daily façade – only then will you be free to see yourself as you truly are!”

Philip Slater, Director at Geneity commented: “Geneity are delighted to be associated with the best party on the egaming calendar. Fire and Ice constantly pushes the boundaries and for the 10 year anniversary we’re all looking forward to an unforgettable spectacle. In sponsoring the entertainment Geneity ties in the inventive and original stage show with the groundbreaking innovation synonymous with Geneity’s products.”

More details on the party itself can be found in last week’s Becky’s Bender article where you can find out how you can get in to see what will be an unforgettable stage show.