Becky’s Affiliated: What to expect for Fire & Ice 2020, “Rhythm & Beats”


Now in its NINETEENTH year (yes, you read that right!), Fire & Ice returns to London’s Troxy with a “Rhythm & Beats” theme, the most “emotional” theme to date, according to the organizers.

beckys-affiliated-what-to-expect-for-fire-ice-2020-rhythm-beatsThe stars behind the organization and production of Fire & Ice, Michael Caselli and Jodie Thind, are expecting over 1500 guests this year and promise to deliver a mind-blowing, theatre-style show, including a hot DJ lineup (Kampala of London, PERDU of Amsterdam).

For those who have attended Fire & Ice in the past, you already know this event is so much more than just a party. The creativity, time and effort that goes on behind the scenes is dedicated to putting on a show that will stimulate your senses and inspire you far beyond the night itself.

“This year’s story, “Rhythm and Beats” is about the rhythms of your heart, the emotions it brings and the unique life that is defined as your experiences influence your heart’s rhythm”, Caselli told

“Essentially the story of one man’s life told in six acts, this year’s theatrical performance will make your heart change rhythm and beat through the empathy you feel for performances, and through the music that fills the rooms”, he explained.

“Our most emotional journey yet, this year’s Fire & Ice will speak to everyone in the room through relatable life experiences that we all go through”, Caselli added.

Caselli and Thind take pride in coming up with an edgy theme each year for Fire & Ice and in fact, brainstorm on ideas months in advance.  Once the theme is determined, the pair are left with even a greater challenge- how to bring it all to life for their guests.

“This has been the hardest Fire & Ice to produce in our 19-year history”, Caselli revealed.

“With no historical roadmap to follow and no theme from any other piece of folklore or literature, we had to look into our own hearts and retell the story of our lives in a relatable way. It made the journey very, very emotionally straining, and I could only really work on it a few hours a day because of that”, he said.

“I came across so many roadblocks in trying to convey the emotions that were necessary to make the performances speak to the audience profoundly, and it was only a few weeks ago that the final pieces of the puzzle fell into place”, Caselli shared.

“We have several groups of actors and performers that are all on board with the story line and are creating unique performances based on the storyline. We have had tremendous artistic buy-in for the show, and they are in rehearsals to ensure they deliver the emotive journey that this show requires”, he explained.

“Each group has been chosen because they are the best at their particular skill and bringing so many creatives and talented people together has been a wonderful experience”, he said.

“The main thing to do is keep an open heart and you will be surprised at the range of feelings you can go through following a man’s first heartbeat until his last told in six points of dramatic changes in his life”, Caselli added.

Now that you know what to expect on the night, here are the details for entry into the event, all expertly organized by Thind.

“You may already be a guest of one of the Sponsors or of Lyceum Media, in which case you will receive a wristband from your host for entry.  Anyone attending ICE, iGB Affiliate London or working in the iGaming industry can collect complimentary tickets for general admission at ICE on Feb 4th & 5th from the Casino City stand ND3-C (Entrance 3) – or just rock up to the Troxy – we will not deny you – all are welcome!”, she promised.

“If you want the sought-after VIP wristband, there are a couple of ways still…purchase a pre-party dinner ticket which includes a VIP band, or a few single VIP bands are available, please contact us for details”, Thind added.

“We have a few tables remaining for companies that wish to host their clients and colleagues from five to 35 people.  We’ve got some amazing talent lined up for the main stage and so Fire & Ice makes for an awesome night out during ICE week!”, she said.

Sponsors this year include Headliners SA Gaming and SimplePlay, Premium Sponsor Habanero and supporting sponsors Betcris, Bluff Europe, eMerchant Pay, Ganapati, Groove Gaming, HiPay, RPNpay, TRU//ST Payments, UltraPlay and Vegas Kings.

“Without support from the industry, Fire & Ice’s magic cannot come to life! So thank you to these awesome companies!!”, Thind added.

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