Winter World Cup idea dying

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winter-world-cup-on-way-outThe last six months in the world of soccer, Sepp Blatter and his cronies at FIFA may as well have been dancing to the tune of the Crazy Frog such is the amount of annoying ideas they continue to put forward. Some may be interesting, whereas others are just downright ridiculous. One opponent they didn’t think would be outing against them has voiced his opposition to the idea for a winter World Cup though.

When Blatter awarded the 2022 tournament to Qatar, realistically he assumed nothing would get in his way apart from the English continually bemoaning their sorry luck, and’s Comic Timing column. Mohamed Bin Hammam, head of the Asian Football Confederation, has confirmed that the tournament will be taking place in Qatar’s searing summer heat – why do I hear a chant of you’re getting sacked in the morning?

A story in the Guardian states that when asked if there was any intention to move the 2022 World Cup, Bin Hammam said: “Not at all. It is not our business. Our business is to organize a comfortable World Cup in June and July. That’s what we have promised the world. And we are sticking to our promise and we are keeping our promise and that is our final word.”

In the interview with Sky News, he also said: “I believe Qatar can stand alone and organise the competition by itself and I’m really not very impressed by these opinions to distribute the game over the Gulf or change the time from July to January.

“It’s premature, it’s people’s opinions and they’re just discussing it on no basis or no ground.”

Bin Hammam’s end game is to succeed Blatter as President of FIFA, and with this kind of public criticism it’s extremely unlikely to happen any time soon. Unless he invests in a truckload of new brown paper bags that is.


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