Weekly Poll Results

A couple of weeks ago Calvin Ayre gave us his 2011 predictions for the gaming industry and this week in our CalvinAyre.com Weekly Poll we asked what would be the biggest gaming story of 2011?

Voting was tight between the top two options but leading the way with 33% of the votes was A US State Run Online Gaming operation.

If a US state can successfully, or even unsuccessfully, launch a government run gaming operation, it will send ripples through the industry like we’ve never seen before. We’ll have to see how New Jersey deals with the Department of Justice and if California can finally pick a gaming bill that can make it through their legislature but this will be a huge story in 2011 if it happens.

Second with 29% of the vote was mobile gaming. Mobile gaming has been the next big thing for a while but with better mobile technology in today’s smart phones and portable devices, mobile technology will make big changes in how people play online.

Third with 19% predicting Asian Market Growth will be the big story or 2011. The Asian Market will continue to grow significantly relative to all other markets. It Calvin’s prediction is right and they usually are, “big Asian private companies will arrive on the world scene like some reenactment of ‘Storm from the East’” referring to Genghis Khan’s invasion of Europe.

Rounding out the voting, the performance of private companies like Bet365 and industry stability each garnered 5%. In an industry that continues to grow globally, it’s surprising 5% chose that option.

10% are predicting another story will be the big topic of 2011. If you have your Crystal Ball handy, please let us know in the comments field below what those other stories could be.

What Will Be the Biggest Gaming Story of 2011?
A US State Run Online Gaming Operation – 33%
Mobile Gaming – 29%
Asian Market Growth – 19%
Other (Let Us Know) – 10%
Performance of Private Gaming Companies – 5%
Industry Stability – 5%
Performance of Public Gaming Companies – 0%