Bwin not taking stake in Spanish lottery


bwin-no-to-spanish-lotteryBwin are one of the online gambling companies who find it hard being in the glare of the tablog media at times. If it’s not speculation about their name that is on the pages of certain sites, then it’s the rumours that their merger with PartyGaming is actually a sinister plan to take over the entire world. One of those of entirely unfounded, but we can still have a lot of fun with Bwin. This is something the rest of the world now looks as though it’s latching on to.

Wednesday last week saw the Spanish government attempting to introduce new austerity measures. These include international Paella sales being tripled, offering to give the UK some sunlight, and 30% of the country’s lottery being sold off. Here’s where Bwin come in.

As the sponsors of the world’s second biggest football club, Real Madrid, you’d think rumours that they were lining up a bid for 30% of the Spanish lottery aren’t far from the mark. According to Bwin it’s very far from that mark indeed – you can’t even see the mark. Looks like a mere scuff from where they’re standing.

“Bwin is focusing on the online business and as a result has no interest in the Spanish lottery,” said a Bwin spokesperson after the rumour appeared in El Mundo.

So, while Monty Python whip up a festive special for the guys over at Bwin, we’ll leave you with the video of Pwin’s merger negotiations here.