Polish online gambling rises for a second year running

polskaIf we’re honest, Poland is one of the cheaper places in the world to enjoy a good helping of gamblin’ drinkin’ and carryin’ on. With beer prices cheap enough for you to be permanently drunk for your entire week’s holiday, and the obligatory carryin’ on also well and truly present, you’d think gamblin’ would be stumblin’ along in very high spirits indeed. You wouldn’t be wrong there.

Figures quoted by the Polish daily Dziennik Gazeta Prawna claims that an unnamed bookmaker have suggested that by the end of 2010 4billion zloty (€1billion) will have been gambled online the year. This represents an increase of 20% on the same figures for 2009.

The population is moving to online gambling at the worst time for the Polish government. Only last year they published legislation banning Polish online gambling companies operating. There’s a loophole though that has seen foreign operators, such as PokerStars.pl, able to operate.

After their original plan to block sites failed, it’s looks like they might go after the players when the law changes in December – another ingenious idea from all those over at the Polish government. Get them a pitcher of lager. Immediately!