Platini doesn’t like Playstations

PlatiniThe meeting of the International Football Association Board (IFAB) in Cardiff was supposed to be the focal point of everything in the football world last week. Frank Lampard’s “goal” in the World Cup had triggered off the age old debate of video technology being used in the game of football, this being the place it would be approved and implemented. That was before last week. FIFA uncovered a shite load of corruption regarding the World Cup bids for 2018/2022, and that pretty much everyone is partial to a back hander in African football. Nothing to do with goal-line technology, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Now it looks like Monsieur Platini has put the nail in the coffin.

As head of UEFA, Platini commented that the situation would create “PlayStation football,” the presence of those guys with funny sticks behind the goal already enough. Now we can’t be sure whether Platini owns a PlayStation, or even has FIFA 11, but I’ll gladly give him my Gamer Tag if he wants to see what real “PlayStation football” is about. It may well be in a virtual world, but you can create any match up you want, score really good goals, and quite literally do anything you want with the footballers on offer. I can quite confidently say that this won’t happen should you install cameras on the goal line mate!