bwin sponsors Portuguese League Cup

TrofeoBernabeuAs far as sport sponsorship goes bwin are a dab hand at making their way into any number of different markets, you can almost always detect the merest scent of controversy wherever they go though. Real Madrid are currently the biggest football club in the world and sport bwin’s logo on their jerseys, and even the biggest thing to hit popular music since Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, is in cahoots with the online gambling brand, although when they change their name to Pwin it’s hard to see whether everyone will be so encouraged.

Back to it though, and after in the past sponsoring the Portuguese Football League, bwin have now signed an agreement to sponsor the Portuguese League Cup. The deal will give bwin naming rights to the competition which will be renamed the “bwin Cup,” and will run until the conclusion of the 2012/2013 season. As part of the agreement the logo of the cup will be carried on each team’s shirt who take part, meaning they could lay claim to sponsoring every single side in the whole competition, thus strengthening their position as a sponsor of soccer teams.

Should they turn their eventual attentions to the US market, can you imagine if they attempted to sponsor one of the major sports leagues? We’d have the PWINFL on our hands.