Social Media Marketing paradise for online gambling

Social media has become ingrained into our society these days with sites like Facebook and Twitter flourishing. With Sites like Twitter and Facebook providing the opportunity to reach thousands of potential players in an instant, online gambling sites need to find ways to utilize social media to market and communicate to their customers.

There’s been several reports that Facebook is trying to squeeze out online gambling ads from their site. The actual advertisement regulation page lists sportsbooks, bingo and poker as activities that are a part of what constitutes gambling. Obviously Facebook like everyone else is doing everything to avoid having Big Brother breathing down their backs due to violations of the internet gambling law. But businesses and online casinos can still form groups and Facebook pages to communicate with their players.

With vast potential for marketing and communication that social media has, it’s a little puzzling how many online gambling sites aren’t utilizing this resource. If we’ve learned anything from the recent collapse of Blockbuster it’s that standing still is almost certain death, particularly in an industry as competitive as the online gambling industry.

Many online casinos are taking it a step further and implementing smaller social media components within their own casino portals, so that players can communicate with each other as well as with the online casino while simultaneously gambling online. When done correctly, players generally feel as if they are part of a community instead of just another customer, and they’re more likely to tell and invite their friends to join the site as well.