Arsenal striker given ban for partying

carlos vela“Boys will be boys” is a phrase usually attributed when a young man does something. It’s generally not a law-breaking act, and nine times out of ten it doesn’t piss that many people off, it’s just a undertaking that is outside the rules of whatever jurisdiction they’re in. Mexico, however, is one place that you’d think, to a point, is a safe haven. So as a Mexican professional footballer, when you go on international duty back home could you not be forgiven for organizing the odd party for you and teammates? If your name’s Carlos Vela then no.

The Arsenal striker has been banned for six months from the national side, along with Efrain Juarez, of Celtic, for organizing a party for them and their teammates in August, following a friendly against Colombia. Footballers aren’t the most intelligent of people, so Vela and Juarez set up the party at the team hotel where they obviously didn’t expect to be caught, it being the team hotel and all. The other 11 members of the team who attended the party were fined £2,500 each but wont receive bans. All this for a few bottles of Corona and a few too many Tequila shooters? I’ll be thinking twice before I head over for Spring Break in future…actually, no I wont.