David Beckham to join West Ham, says owner Gold

david-beckhamGood football club owners are like good referees. They go unnoticed. Unfortunately for West Ham, since taking over the club David Gold has done nothing but shoot his mouth off.

You could argue that he has every right to considering that he is the one who fronted up the millions to bale the club out in the first place, but in the main the sugar daddies are better off keeping shtum and not embarrassing themselves by exposing their sorry lack of football knowledge.

Gold’s latest indulgence is to claim that David Beckham might be joining the club. That’s the same David Beckham who has said that he won’t join AC Milan because of the risk of getting injured. The same David Beckham who has said that Upton Park is the ground he least enjoys visiting. The same David Beckham who was told by a charming Hammers fan a few seasons back that he hoped his kid had cancer.

But, no, I’m sure Gold is right. Becks would much rather live in Leytonstone rather than LA. Read more.