Has Tiger Woods lost his Masters mojo?

Is Tiger still the Master?
Is Tiger still the Master?

Tiger Woods faced the world’s press for the first time at the Augusta National yesterday and, true to form, made a strong, erm, fist of performing in front of a crowd. Woods answered everything from which injuries he sustained on that fateful day in November, to what drugs he has taken, to how he managed to get away with leading a double life for so long.

The most humble aspect of his fronting up was the apology he made to his fellow players for their having had to endure endless questions about Tiger-Gate. He said the reception he had received from supporters and players alike had been overwhelming and that he had never received so many hugs. Not since his last visit to Vegas anyways.

Personally, I hope he didn’t mean a bit if it because the last thing you need when you’ve backed the most ruthless golfer in the history of the game at unprecedented long odds is for him to suddenly discover his human side. Fuck that, I need a romper stomper. The sort of machine that stormed to victory by a record 12 strokes back in 1997.

It was a bit worrying to hear him say he would be toning down both his celebrations and his hissy fits, insisting that he has put everything to do with golf in perspective. “Whatever I did, I lied to myself, I lied to others and just because I was winning golf tournaments, that doesn’t mean a thing,” What the fuck? Whatever they’ve been telling you in rehab, Tiges, ignore it. Don’t compromise yourself. You have to be true to yourself, true to your fans to golf. And, most of all, true to those of us who have done our fucking conkers in on you winning on Sunday. I want you looking in the mirror on Thursday morning psyching yourself up just like you did for this conference yesterday.

On the plus side there was at least the return of that sly old grin when he was asked how he was hoping to fare this week. “I’m here to win this thing,” he said. Atta boy. Perhaps the mortgage is safe after all.

Inevitably, there are thousands of Tiger Specials in the betting markets, the pick of which has got to be Bodog’s Dirty Dozen: how many holes will Tiger take to sink 12 birdies (again).

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