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[tab name=”Gambling”]
[tableheader value=”September 2012″ /]
[row location=”Italy” date=”Sep 2 – 7, 2012″ start=”20120902-080000″ end=”20120907-180000″]ELU – European Lotteries University [/row]
[row location=”Batumi, GE” date=”Sep 4 – 6, 2012″ start=”20120904-100000″ end=”20120906-180000″]Casino Investors Congress [/row]
[row location=”Montreal, CA” date=”Sep 9 – 12, 2012″ start=”20120909-080000″ end=”20120912-180000″]World Lottery Summit [/row]
[row location=”Hilton Resort, MT” date=”Sep 11 – 12, 2012″ start=”20120911-090000″ end=”20120912-143000″]MiGS – Malta iGaming Seminar [/row]
[row location=”Bucharest, RO” date=”Sep 12 – 14, 2012″ start=”20120912-080000″ end=”20120914-180000″]EAE – Entertainment Arena Expo [/row]
[row location=”Madrid, ES” date=”Sep 13 – 15, 2011″ start=”20120913-080000″ end=”20120915-150000″]PokerExpo[/row]
[row location=”Florida, US” date=”Sep 18 – 19, 2012″ start=”20120918-080000″ end=”20120919-180000″]NIGA Mid-Year Conference [/row]
[row location=”Paris, FR” date=”Sep 18 – 20, 2012″ start=”20120918-100000″ end=”20120920-200000″]Slot Summit France [/row]
[row location=”Loutraki, GR” date=”Sept 18 – 21, 2012″ start=”20120918-133000″ end=”20120921-143000″]European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues [/row]
[row location=”Dominican Republic” date=”Sep 19 – 20, 2012″ start=”20120919-080000″ end=”20120920-180000″]Caribbean Gaming Show & Conference[/row]
[row location=”Las Vegas, NV, US” date=”Sep 19 – 20, 2012″ start=”20120919-083000″ end=”20120920-170000″]US Online Gaming Law[/row]
[row location=”Guangzhou, CH” date=”Sep 23 – 25, 2012″ start=”20120923-080000″ end=”20120925-180000″] GTI – Game Time International Asia China Expo [/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Sep 27, 2012″ start=”20120927-080000″ end=”20120927-180000″] Social Gaming [/row]
[tableheader value=”October 2012″ /]
[row location=”Las Vegas, NV, US” date=”Oct 1 – 4, 2012″ start=”20121001-133000″ end=”20121004-143000″]G2E – Global Gaming Expo [/row]
[row location=”Las Vegas, NV, US” date=”Oct 3 – 6, 2012″ start=”20121003-080000″ end=”20121006-180000″]The iGaming Congress at G2E [/row]
[row location=”Wolverhampton, UK” date=”Oct 4, 2012″ start=”20121004-080000″ end=”20121004-180000″]Bookmakers Trade Fair [/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Oct 9, 2012″ start=”20121009-080000″ end=”20121009-180000″]Sport & Gambling [/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Oct 10 – 12, 2012″ start=”20121010-080000″ end=”20121012-180000″]IMGL – International Masters of Gaming Law Autumn Conference [/row]
[row location=”Barcelona, ES” date=”Oct 11 – 14, 2012″ start=”20121011-080000″ end=”20121014-180000″]BAC – Barcelona Affiliate Conference [/row]
[row location=”Barcelona, ES” date=”Oct 11 – 14, 2012″ start=”20121011-080000″ end=”20121014-180000″]iGB – iGaming Business España[/row]
[row location=”Sofia, BG” date=”Oct 14 – 15, 2012″ start=”20121014-123000″ end=”20121015-184000″]EEGS – Eastern European Gaming Summit [/row]
[row location=”Barcelona, ES” date=”Oct 15, 2012″ start=”20121015-080000″ end=”20121015-180000″]WrB – World Regulatory Briefing [/row]
[row location=”Sofia, BG” date=”Oct 16 – 18, 2012″ start=”20121016-080000″ end=”20121018-180000″]BEGE – Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo [/row]
[row location=”Barcelona, ES” date=”Oct 16 – 18, 2012″ start=”20121016-080000″ end=”20121018-180000″]EiG – European iGaming Congress and Expo [/row]
[row location=”Rome, IT” date=”Oct 16 – 18, 2011″ start=”20121016-080000″ end=”20121018-180000″]ENADA Rome [/row]
[row location=”Singapore” date=”Oct 21 – 24, 2012″ start=”20121021-080000″ end=”20121024-180000″]IAGR – International Association of Gaming Regulators [/row]
[row location=”California, US” date=”Oct 21 – 26, 2012″ start=”20121021-080000″ end=”20121026-180000″]NCAI – National Congress of American Indians Convention [/row]
[row location=”Florida, US” date=”Oct 22 – 25, 2012″ start=”20121022-170000″ end=”20121025-180000″]Lottery Expo [/row]
[row location=”Singapore” date=”Oct 23 – 25, 2012″ start=”20121023-080000″ end=”20121025-180000″]IAGA – International Association of Gaming Advisors Conference [/row]
[tableheader value=”November 2012″ /]
[row location=”California, US” date=”Nov 5 – 8, 2012″ start=”20121105-080000″ end=”20121108-180000″]TribalNet Technology Conference[/row]
[row location=”Buenos Aires, AR” date=”Nov 12 – 13, 2012″ start=”20121112-080000″ end=”20121113-180000″]eGR – eGaming Review Power LatAm Summit[/row]
[row location=”Buenos Aires, AR” date=”Nov 13 – 15, 2012″ start=”20121113-143000″ end=”20121115-203000″]SAGSE – South American Gaming Suppliers Expo Buenos Aires[/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Nov 15, 2012″ start=”20121115-080000″ end=”20121115-180000″]Social Gaming Summit[/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Nov 16, 2012″ start=”20121116-093000″ end=”20121116-183000″]SGC – Social Gambling Conference: Success in Casino-Style Social Gaming[/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Nov 21 – 22, 2012″ start=”20121121-080000″ end=”20121122-180000″]Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit[/row]
[row location=”Tasmania, AU” date=”Nov 21 – 23, 2012″ start=”20121121-080000″ end=”20121123-180000″]NAGS – National Association for Gambling Studies[/row]
[row location=”Sydney, AU” date=”Nov 26 – 29, 2012″ start=”20121126-080000″ end=”20121129-180000″]APLA – Asia Pacific Lottery Association[/row]
[row location=”Macau, CN” date=”Nov 27 – 28, 2012″ start=”20121127-090000″ end=”20121128-170000″]AGHC – Asian Gaming & Hospitality Congress[/row]
[row location=”Florida, US” date=”Nov 27 – 30, 2012″ start=”20121127-080000″ end=”20121130-180000″]LaFleur’s Lottery Conclave[/row]
[row location=”Brussels, BE” date=”Nov 28, 2012″ start=”20121128-080000″ end=”20121128-180000″]WrB – World Regulatory Briefing Belgium[/row]
[row location=”Macau, CN” date=”Nov 29, 2012″ start=”20121129-090000″ end=”20121129-173000″]SGAS – Social Gaming Asia Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]Sport and iGaming Conference[/row]
[tableheader value=”DECEMBER 2012″ /]
[row location=”Las Vegas, NV, US” date=”Dec 2 – 4, 2012″ start=”20121202-080000″ end=”20121204-180000″]Table Games Conference[/row]
[row location=”Arizona, US” date=”Dec 3 – 6, 2012″ start=”20121203-080000″ end=”20121206-180000″]Global Symposium on Racing & Gaming[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]DGLP – Digital Gaming and Lottery Policy Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]NIGA Condensed Gaming Commissioners Certification [/row]
[tableheader value=”January 2013″ /]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Jan 22 – 24, 2013″ start=”20130122-080000″ end=”20130124-180000″]EAG – European & Amusement Gaming Expo[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Legal Gaming in Europe Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Western Indian Gaming Conference[/row]
[tableheader value=”February 2013″ /]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Feb 4, 2013″ start=”20130204-080000″ end=”20130204-180000″]ICE International Casino Conference[/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Feb 5, 2013″ start=”20130205-080000″ end=”20130205-180000″]WrB – World Regulatory Briefing UK[/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Feb 5 – 7, 2013″ start=”20130205-080000″ end=”20130207-180000″]ICE Totally Gaming[/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Feb 7 – 10, 2013″ start=”20130207-080000″ end=”20130210-180000″]LAC – London Affiliate Conference[/row]
[row location=”Las Vegas, NV, US” date=”Feb 19 – 21, 2013″ start=”20130219-130000″ end=”20130221-173000″]iGaming North America Conference[/row]
[row location=”Las Vegas, NV, US” date=”Feb 25 – 27, 2013″ start=”20130225-080000″ end=”20130227-180000″]WGPC – World Game Protection Conference [/row]
[row location=”Panama City, PA” date=”Feb 27 – 28, 2013″ start=”20130227-080000″ end=”20130228-180000″]GES – Gaming Executive Summit Latin America [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]ABA – American Bar Association Gaming Law Minefield [/row]
[row location=”Florida, US” date=”TBD”]Florida Gaming Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]International Gambling Conference [/row]
[tableheader value=”March 2013″ /]
[row location=”Las Vegas, NV, US” date=”Mar 11 – 13, 2013″ start=”20130311-080000″ end=”20130313-180000″]Gaming Technology Summit [/row]
[row location=”Arizona, US” date=”Mar 24 – 27, 2013″ start=”20130324-080000″ end=”20130327-180000″]Indian Gaming [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Irish Gaming Show & Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]iGaming Asia Congress[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]North American Roundtable[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]GameNet Expo[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]ENADA Spring[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]PGRI – Public Gaming Research Institute SMART-Tech[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Slot Summit Germany[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]iGaming France Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SiGS – Spanish i-Gaming Summit “Spain Plays Online”[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Paterson’s Gambling Law[/row]
[tableheader value=”April 2013″ /]
[row location=”Bogota, CO” date=”Apr 3 – 4, 2013″ start=”20130403-080000″ end=”20130404-180000″]FADJA – Feria Andina de Juegos de Azar [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”Apr 23 – 25, 2013″ start=”20130423-080000″ end=”20130425-180000″]GiGSE – Global iGaming Summit & Expo [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]eGR – eGaming Review Power 50 Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]eGR – eGaming Review Power Affiliates Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]eGR – eGaming Review Power CTOs Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]EL – European Lotteries Management [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]I-Gaming Forum [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]IMGL – International Masters of Gaming Law Spring Conference [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]KPMG eGaming Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]mGaming Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]mSport Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Online Bingo Summit [/row]
[row location=”Pennsylvania, US” date=”TBD”]Pennsylvania Gaming Congress & Mid-Atlantic Racing Forum [/row]
[tableheader value=”May 2013″ /]
[row location=”Mississippi, US” date=”May 7 – 9, 2013″ start=”20130507-080000″ end=”20130509-180000″]Southern Gaming Summit / BingoWorld [/row]
[row location=”Panama City, PA” date=”May 8 – 9, 2013″ start=”20130508-080000″ end=”20130509-180000″]SAGSE – South American Gaming Suppliers Expo Gaming Panama [/row]
[row location=”Taipei, TW ” date=”May 9 – 11, 2013″ start=”20130509-080000″ end=”20130511-180000″]GTI – Game Time International Asia Taipei Expo [/row]
[row location=”Macau, CN” date=”May 21 – 23, 2013″ start=”20130521-080000″ end=”20130523-180000″]G2E – Global Gaming Expo Asia [/row]
[row location=”Belgrade, RS” date=”May 21 – 23, 2013″ start=”20130521-080000″ end=”20130523-180000″]GEB – Gaming Expo Belgrade [/row]
[row location=”Lima, PE” date=”May 29 – 30, 2013″ start=”20130529-080000″ end=”20130530-180000″]CIJUEGO International Gaming Congress [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]ECGC – East Coast Gaming Congress [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]ELA – Latin American Gaming Exhibition [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]European Roundtable [/row]
[row location=”Spain” date=”TBD”]GamingInSpain Conference [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Global Gambling Payments Intensive [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Great Plains, Midwest, Rocky Mountain Indian Gaming Conference & Tradeshow [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]imlpo – Institute of Money Laundering Prevention Officers [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Internet Gaming Regulation Symposium [/row]
[row location=”New York, US” date=”TBD”]NYCPG – The New York Council on Problem Gambling [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]NVCPA – Nevada Society of Certified Public Accountants Gaming Conference [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]RD&E – Retail, Dining & Entertainment in the Gaming and Hospitality Industry [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]The European Lotteries Industry Days [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]WLA/EL Best Practices for Lotteries [/row]
[tableheader value=”June 2013″ /]
[row location=”Tel Aviv, IL” date=”Jun 3 – 6, 2012″ start=”20130603-080000″ end=”20130606-180000″]EL – European Lotteries Congress [/row]
[row location=”Virginia, US” date=”Jun 3 – 7, 2013″ start=”20130603-080000″ end=”20130607-180000″]NAGRA – North American Gaming Regulators Association Education and Training Conference [/row]
[row location=”Amsterdam, NL” date=”Jun 10 – 14, 2013″ start=”20130610-080000″ end=”20130614-180000″]iGaming Super Show [/row]
[row location=”Quebec, CA” date=”Jun 17 – 19, 2013″ start=”20130617-080000″ end=”20130619-180000″]Canadian Gaming Summit [/row]
[row location=”Missouri, US” date=”Jun 26 – 28, 2013″ start=”20130626-080000″ end=”20130628-180000″]MCPGSA – Midwest Conference on Problem Gambling and Substance Abuse [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]European Legal Affairs Seminar [/row]
[row location=”Holland, NL” date=”TBD”]Gaming in Holland Conference [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]The future of gambling: beyond the EU Green Paper[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]English for the Lottery Business [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]European Gambling Policy Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]WiG – Women in Gaming Conference[/row]
[tableheader value=”July 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Global Lotteries Executive Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]ISAGA – International Simulation and Gaming Association Conference [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]NASPL – North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries Professional Development Seminars [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]National Conference on Problem Gambling [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]NIGA – National Indian Gaming Association Summer Legislative Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Northwest Indian Gaming Conference & Expo [/row]
[row location=”Malta” date=”TBD”]Pentasia’s Introduction to iGaming Course – Malta [/row]
[row location=”Russia” date=”TBD”]RGW – Russian Gaming Week [/row]
[row location=”Azov City, RU” date=”TBD”]RGW – Russian Gaming Week in “Azov City” [/row]
[row location=”Panama” date=”TBD”]Slot Summit Panama [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]World GES – World Gaming Executive Summit [/row]
[tableheader value=”August 2013″ /]
[row location=”Oklahoma, US” date=”TBD”]OIGA – Oklahoma Indian Gaming Association Conference and Trade Show [/row]
[row location=”Peru” date=”TBD”]The New Peru Gaming Show [/row]
[row location=”Australia” date=”TBD”] Gaming, Racing and Wagering Australia [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]AGE – Australasian Gaming Expo [/row]
[tableheader value=”2014″ /]
[row location=”Auckland, NZ” date=”Feb 19 – 21, 2014″ start=”20140219-080000″ end=”20140221-180000″]International Gambling Conference [/row]
[tab name=”Marketing”]
[tableheader value=”September 2012″ /]
[row location=”Ohio, US” date=”Sep 4 – 6, 2012″ start=”20120904-130000″ end=”20120906-183000″]Content Marketing World[/row]
[row location=”Köln, DE” date=”Sep 10 – 11, 2012″ start=”20120910-080000″ end=”20120911-170000″]Social Networking Conference Köln[/row]
[row location=”Hong Kong, CN” date=”Sep 10 – 12, 2012″ start=”20120910-080000″ end=”20120912-180000″]SES – Search Engine Strategies Hong Kong [/row]
[row location=”New York, US” date=”Sep 10 – 13, 2012″ start=”20120910-073000″ end=”20120913-180000″]Advertising in the Digital Age: An Intense Focus on Sweepstakes, Promotions & Social Media [/row]
[row location=”Oslo, NO” date=”Sep 18 – 19, 2012″ start=”20120918-080000″ end=”20120919-180000″]Internet Expo and Digital Marketing [/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Sep 19 – 20, 2012″ start=”20120919-080000″ end=”20120920-180000″] ad:tech London [/row]
[row location=”Connecticut, US” date=”Sep 19 – 20, 2012″ start=”20120919-080000″ end=”20120920-200000″] Digital Shopper Marketing Summit: Marketing to the Omni-Channel Shopper: Integrating Brick [/row]
[row location=”Florida, US” date=”Sep 23 – 25, 2012″ start=”20120923-080000″ end=”20120925-180000″] The Festival of Media LatAm Awards [/row]
[tableheader value=”October 2012″ /]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Oct 1 – 2, 2012″ start=”20121001-080000″ end=”20121002-180000″]Mobile Marketing Live [/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Oct 2 – 3, 2012″ start=”20121002-080000″ end=”20121003-180000″]Apps World Europe [/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Oct 2 – 3, 2012″ start=”20121002-080000″ end=”20121003-180000″] Apps World North America [/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Oct 10, 2012″ start=”20121010-080000″ end=”20121010-180000″]JUMP [/row]
[row location=”California, US” date=”Oct 13 – 14, 2012″ start=”20121013-080000″ end=”20121014-180000″]APE – Alternative Press Expo [/row]
[row location=”Las Vegas, NV, US” date=”Oct 15 – 18, 2012″ start=”20121015-080000″ end=”20121018-180000″]PubCon Las Vegas [/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Oct 16 – 17, 2012″ start=”20121016-080000″ end=”20121017-180000″]A4U Expo London [/row]
[row location=”Shanghai, CN” date=”Oct 18, 2012″ start=”20121018-083000″ end=”20121018-164500″]Digital Cream Shanghai [/row]
[row location=”Sydney, AU” date=”Oct 23, 2012″ start=”20121023-080000″ end=”20121023-180000″]Digital Cream Sydney [/row]
[row location=”Chicago, US” date=”Oct 24, 2012″ start=”20121024-080000″ end=”20121024-180000″]Digital Cream Chicago [/row]
[row location=”Moscow, RU” date=”Oct 25 – 26, 2012″ start=”20121025-080000″ end=”20121026-170000″]Social Networking Conference Moscow[/row]
[row location=”Tokyo, JP” date=”Oct 29 – 31, 2012″ start=”20121029-080000″ end=”20121031-180000″]ad:tech Tokyo [/row]
[tableheader value=”November 2012″ /]
[row location=”New York, US” date=”Nov 1, 2012″ start=”20121101-080000″ end=”20121101-180000″]JUMP New York [/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Nov 6 – 8, 2012″ start=”20121106-080000″ end=”20121108-174500″]The Social Media Strategies Summit [/row]
[row location=”New York, US” date=”Nov 7 – 8, 2012″ start=”20121107-080000″ end=”20121108-180000″]ad:tech New York [/row]
[row location=”Illinois, US” date=”Nov 12 – 16, 2012″ start=”20121112-090000″ end=”20121116-171500″]SES – Search Engine Strategies Chicago [/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Nov 13, 2012″ start=”20121113-090000″ end=”20121113-170000″] FUNNEL [/row]
[row location=”Illinois, US” date=”Nov 13 – 14, 2012″ start=”20121113-080000″ end=”20121114-180000″]PMA Marketing Law Conference [/row]
[row location=”Grand Hyatt, SG” date=”Nov 26 – 28, 2012″ start=”20121126-080000″ end=”20121128-180000″]SES – Search Engine Strategies Singapore [/row]
[row location=”New York, US” date=”Nov 27 – 28, 2012″ start=”20121127-080000″ end=”20121128-180000″]SMWF – Social Media World Forum N. America [/row]
[row location=”Singapore” date=”Nov 29, 2012″ start=”20121129-090000″ end=”20121129-180000″]Digital Cream Singapore [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]B2B Marketing Awards [/row]
[tableheader value=”December 2012″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”] Social Gaming and Virtual Goods World [/row]
[tableheader value=”January 2013″ /]
[row location=”Las Vegas, NV, US” date=”Jan 13 – 15, 2012″ start=”20130113-080000″ end=”20130115-180000″]Affiliate Summit West[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Advertising and Marketing Law Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Advertising Law[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Advertising Week[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Click Asia Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]CMA Analytics Conference [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Digital Ski [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Joint EL/WLA Marketing Seminar[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Not-For-Profit Seminar: Marketing Online Successfully[/row]
[tableheader value=”February 2013″ /]
[row location=”New Delhi, IN” date=”TBD”] ad:tech New Delhi [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Advanced Social Media Strategies [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”] Advertising Law in The Digital Age [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Digital Cream Dubai [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”] Email Evolution Conference [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Evolution of Loyalty: From Points and Rewards to Brand Advocacy [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Managing Your Media Investments Seminar [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Online Marketing Strategies Summit Australia [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”] Peer Summit New York [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Small Biz Success Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Smart Energy Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”] TFM&A – Techonoly for Marketing & Advertising [/row]
[tableheader value=”March 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]ad:tech Sydney[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Internet Expo and Digital Marketing [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]PMA Game Changer Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Legal Marketing Association Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]MediaPost Master Your Sales Universe[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SES – Search Engine Strategies New York[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]M2C – Marketing 2 Conference – ESCP Europe[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Social Media World Forum Europe[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Marketing & Branding Universe Symposium[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]OMI – Online Marketing Institute Affiliate Marketing 101[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]ad:tech Melbourne[/row]
[tableheader value=”April 2013″ /]
[row location=”California, US” date=”TBD”]ad:tech San Francisco[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Digital-Out-Of-Home Forum + Awards[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Media Magazine’s Outfront Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]MediaPost’s Email Insider Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]MediaPost’s Search Insider Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Relationship Marketing[/row]
[row location=”Shanghai, CN” date=”TBD”]SES – Search Engine Strategies Shanghai[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SFIMA Combining Digital Media and Customer Interactions for “Connected CRM”[/row]
[row location=”Melbourne, AU” date=”TBD”]Social Gaming and Virtual Goods World Australia[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]The Festival of Media Global[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]The Do’s and Don’ts of Ambush Marketing[/row]
[tableheader value=”May 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Affiliate Summit Central [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]CMA – Canadian Marketing Association Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Event Marketing Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]The European Lotteries Social Media Forum [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SFIMA – South Florida Interactive Marketing Association Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Social Marketing Masterclass [/row]
[tableheader value=”June 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]A4U Expo Europe – Affiliate and Performance Marketing Conference & Exhibition [/row]
[row location=”Singapore” date=”TBD”]ad:tech Singapore [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]All For One Marketing Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Brand Marketers Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Digital Advertising and Privacy [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Marketing Week Live [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Online Marketing Show [/row]
[row location=”Toronto, CA” date=”TBD”]SES – Search Engine Strategies Toronto [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Social Networking Conference Beverly Hills[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]World Marketing Forum [/row]
[tableheader value=”July 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]AM – Academy of Marketing Conference: catching the technology wave [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Casino Marketing Conference [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”] Comic-Con International [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Digital Marketing Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]International Conference on Marketing[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]OMMA – Online Media, Marketing and Advertising Display in LA [/row]
[tableheader value=”August 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Affiliate Summit East [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”] Feel Expo [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Inbound [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Mobile Insider Summit [/row]
[row location=”California, US” date=”TBD”]SES – Search Engine Strategies San Francisco [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Social Media Insider Summit [/row]
[tab name=”Business”]
[tableheader value=”September 2012″ /]
[row location=”Ontario, CA” date=”Sep 5 – 6, 2012″ start=”20120905-070000″ end=”20120906-180000″]Toronto CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit[/row]
[row location=”Georgia, US” date=”Sep 7, 2012″ start=”20120907-070000″ end=”20120907-150000″]Atlanta CIO Executive Leadership IT Summit[/row]
[row location=”Arizona, US” date=”Sep 9 – 11, 2012″ start=”20120909-080000″ end=”20120911-180000″]Business Intelligence & Analytics Perspectives[/row]
[row location=”California, US” date=”Sep 10 – 11, 2012″ start=”20120910-080000″ end=”20120911-180000″]NAFOA – Native American Officers Association Fall Finance Conference[/row]
[row location=”Tennessee, US” date=”Sep 11, 2012″ start=”20120911-081500″ end=”20120911-173000″]Memphis Strategy Series for Executives[/row]
[row location=”California, US” date=”Sep 11 – 12, 2012″ start=”20120911-083000″ end=”20120912-170000″]Chrome River Customer Conference: Connect![/row]
[row location=”California, US” date=”Sep 11 – 12, 2012″ start=”20120911-080000″ end=”20120912-180000″]Cloud Gaming USA[/row]
[row location=”Pennsylvania, US” date=”Sep 11 – 12, 2012″ start=”20120911-070000″ end=”20120912-140000″]Pittsburgh CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit[/row]
[row location=”Texas, US” date=”Sep 12 – 15, 2012″ start=”20120912-154500″ end=”20120915-100000″]Midsize Enterprise Summit West[/row]
[row location=”Massachusetts, US” date=”Sep 16 – 21, 2012″ start=”20120916-090000″ end=”20120921-173000″]TWDI World Conference[/row]
[row location=”Berlin, DE” date=”Sep 18 – 19, 2012″ start=”20120918-080000″ end=”20120919-180000″]Business Performance Forum[/row]
[row location=”Birmingham, UK” date=”Sep 18 – 20, 2012″ start=”20120918-080000″ end=”20120920-180000″]LIW – Leisure Industry Week[/row]
[row location=”Tokyo, JP” date=”Sep 20 – 23, 2012″ start=”20120920-070000″ end=”20120923-180000″]Tokyo Game Show[/row]
[row location=”Ohio, US” date=”Sep 24 – 26, 2012″ start=”20120924-080000″ end=”20120926-121500″]Fall Conference & Expo[/row]
[row location=”Stockholm, SE” date=”Sep 25 – 27, 2012″ start=”20120925-090000″ end=”20120927-160000″]Joint EL/WLA Internet & New Technologies Seminar[/row]
[row location=”Texas, US” date=”Sep 26, 2012″ start=”20120926-073000″ end=”20120926-163000″]San Antonio IT Symposium[/row]
[row location=”Washington, DC, US” date=”Sep 27 – 28, 2012″ start=”20120927-093000″ end=”20120928-130000″]Emerging Payment Systems [/row]
[tableheader value=”October 2012″ /]
[row location=”California, US” date=”Oct 2, 2012″ start=”20121002-070000″ end=”20121002-160000″]San Diego CIO Executive Leadership Summit[/row]
[row location=”New York, US” date=”Oct 2 – 3, 2012″ start=”20121002-080000″ end=”20121003-180000″]World Business Forum New York[/row]
[row location=”New York, US” date=”Oct 4, 2012″ start=”20121004-080000″ end=”20121004-164500″]Entrepreneurship with Barbara Corcoran[/row]
[row location=”Madrid, ES” date=”Oct 4, 2012″ start=”20121004-070000″ end=”20121004-180000″]Information Builders Summit Spain[/row]
[row location=”Berlin, DE” date=”Oct 9 – 11, 2012″ start=”20121009-080000″ end=”20121011-180000″]EAS – Euro Attractions Show[/row]
[row location=”Texas, US” date=”Oct 9 – 11, 2012″ start=”20121009-090000″ end=”20121011-163000″]GDC – Game Developers Conference Online[/row]
[row location=”Connecticut, US” date=”Oct 16, 2012″ start=”20121016-070000″ end=”20121016-180000″]Greenwhich CIO Executive Leadership Summit[/row]
[row location=”Mexico, MX” date=”Oct 16, 2012″ start=”20121016-070000″ end=”20121016-180000″]Information Builders Summit Mexico[/row]
[row location=”Málaga, ES” date=”Oct 17 – 19, 2012″ start=”20121016-070000″ end=”20121016-180000″]World Telemedia[/row]
[row location=”Warsaw, PL” date=”Oct 19 – 20, 2012″ start=”20121019-080000″ end=”20121020-180000″]SUREXPO[/row]
[row location=”Buenos Aires, AR” date=”Oct 29 – 30, 2012″ start=”20121029-080000″ end=”20121030-180000″]World Business Forum Buenos Aires[/row]
[tableheader value=”November 2012″ /]
[row location=”South Carolina, US” date=”Nov 1 – 2, 2012″ start=”20121101-070000″ end=”20121102-180000″]South Carolina CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit [/row]
[row location=”Paris, FR” date=”Nov 6, 2012″ start=”20121106-090000″ end=”20121106-170000″]The European Lotteries Retailing Workshop [/row]
[row location=”Milan, IT” date=”Nov 6 – 7, 2012″ start=”20121106-080000″ end=”20121107-180000″]World Business Forum Milan [/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Nov 7, 2012″ start=”20121107-080000″ end=”20121107-180000″]Data Protection in the Financial Services Sector [/row]
[row location=”Oregon, US” date=”Nov 7 – 8, 2012″ start=”20121107-070000″ end=”20121108-144500″]Portland CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit [/row]
[row location=”California, US” date=”Nov 8 – 9, 2012″ start=”20121108-080000″ end=”20121109-180000″]National Native American 8(a) Symposium [/row]
[row location=”Florida, US” date=”Nov 12 – 16, 2012″ start=”20121112-080000″ end=”20121116-180000″]IAAPA Attractions Expo [/row]
[row location=”Mexico City, MX” date=”Nov 14 – 15, 2012″ start=”20121114-080000″ end=”20121115-180000″]World Business Forum Mexico City [/row]
[row location=”California, US” date=”Nov 15, 2012″ start=”20121115-070000″ end=”20121115-170000″]Southern California CIO Executive Leadership Summit [/row]
[row location=”Sydney, AU” date=”Nov 21 – 22, 2012″ start=”20121121-070000″ end=”20121122-180000″]The Internet Show[/row]
[row location=”North Carolina, US” date=”Nov 27 – 28, 2012″ start=”20121127-070000″ end=”20121128-180000″]Raleigh CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]China International Games & Amusement Fair [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]Social Media Business Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]Information Builders Summit Italy [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]CONNECTIONS Europe [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]Information Builders Summit Germany [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]DigiWorld Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]European E-Commerce Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]ELISE Info Sharing[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]Dubai World Game Expo[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”] Business Technology Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD” ]Designing Consumer Experience for Emerging Markets & Beyond[/row]
[tableheader value=”December 2012″ /]
[row location=”Florida, US” date=”Dec 5 – 6, 2012″ start=”20121205-070000″ end=”20121206-180000″]Florida CIO Forum & Executive IT Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Fight Summit MMA Business Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Mines and Money London[/row]
[tableheader value=”January 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]IMA – International Trade Fair for Amusement and Vending Machines[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Offshore Production Technology Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Social Networking Conference[/row]
[tableheader value=”February 2013″ /]
[row location=”Düsseldorf, DE” date=”Feb 18 – 19, 2013″ start=”20130218-080000″ end=”20130219-180000″]SpoBiS – Sports Business Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Business of Ideas Forum: Ideas Into Action[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Business Performance[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]European Financial Services Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Gartner Business Intelligence & Information Management Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Gartner Business Intelligence Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Hospitality Expo[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]National Casino & Hotel Development Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Outsourcing World Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]RES – Reservation Economic Summit & American Indian Business Trade Fair[/row]
[tableheader value=”March 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]CIAE Expo – China Guangzhou International Game & Amusement Exhibition [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]GameNet Expo [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Gartner Identity & Access Management Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Gartner Portals, Content & Collaboration Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Amusement Expo [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Gartner Customer 360 Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Creativity & Game Design Forum (Lottery Games & Services) [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Mines and Money Hong Kong [/row]
[tableheader value=”April 2013″ /]
[row location=”Dubai, UAE” date=”TBD”]DEAL – Dubai Entertainment Amusement & Leisure Show [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Gartner Business Process Management Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Planet of the Apps [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]The Gadget Show Live [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]The Internet Show [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]TNW – The Next Web Conference [/row]
[tableheader value=”May 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]America’s Small Business Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Apps: The Legal Challenges [/row]
[row location=”Brazil” date=”TBD”]Brazil Invest [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Customer Contact Point [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Expo Management [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]National Native American Economic Development Conference [/row]
[row location=”Oklahoma, US” date=”TBD”]Oklahoma Native American Construction Conference for Economic Development & Infrastructure [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]World Innovation Forum Leon [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]World Leadership Forum [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]WIS – World Internet Summit [/row]
[tableheader value=”June 2013″ /]
[row location=”New York, US” date=”Jun 12 – 13, 2013″ start=”20130612-070000″ end=”20130613-180000″]World Innovation Forum New York [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Asian Attractions Expo [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Business Forecasting: Predictive Intelligence Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]CONNECTIONS [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]E3 Expo [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Information Builders’ Summit User Conference [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Mines and Money Beijing [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Native American Human Resources Conference [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Prepaid Conference & Expo [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SCL Europe – European Supply Chain & Logistics Summit [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Super Events World [/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]World Innovation Forum New York [/row]
[tableheader value=”July 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Esri Business Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Host Development Conference: Drive Revenue and Grow Business[/row]
[row location=”Manila, PH” date=”TBD”]Money Summit & Wealth Expo Manila[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]O’Reilly OSCON – Open Source Convention[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Retail World[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SALEX – South American Leisure Exhibition[/row]
[row location=”Cebu City, PH” date=”TBD”]Money Summit & Wealth Expo Cebu[/row]
[tableheader value=”August 2012″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Clean Business Investment Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]ISM – IT Solutions Management Conference[/row]
[row location=”Oklahoma, US” date=”TBD”]Oklahoma IT Symposium[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Sage Summit[/row]
[row location=”California, US” date=”TBD”]San Francisco CIO Executive Leadership Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]XChange[/row]
[tab name=”SEO”]
[tableheader value=”September 2012″ /]
[row location=”Leeds, UK” date=”Sep 1, 2012″ start=”20120901-080000″ end=”20120901-180000″]Think Visibility[/row]
[row location=”Hong Kong, CN” date=”Sep 10 – 12, 2012″ start=”20120910-080000″ end=”20120912-180000″]SES – Search Engine Strategies Hong Kong[/row]
[row location=”Washington, DC, US” date=”Sep 17 – 18, 2012″ start=”20120917-080000″ end=”20120918-180000″]Predictive Analytics World Government[/row]
[row location=”Maryland, US” date=”Sep 20 – 23, 2012″ start=”20120920-060000″ end=”20120923-183000″]FitBloggin’[/row]
[row location=”Massachusetts, US” date=”Sep 30 – Oct 4, 2012″ start=”20120930-080000″ end=”20121004-173000″]eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Boston[/row]
[row location=”Massachusetts, US” date=”Sep 30 – Oct 4, 2012″ start=”20120930-080000″ end=”20121004-173000″]Predictive Analytics World Boston[/row]
[tableheader value=”October 2012″ /]
[row location=”New York, US” date=”Oct 1, 2012″ start=”201201001-083000″ end=”20121001-170000″]International Search Summit New York[/row]
[row location=”New York, US” date=”Oct 2 – 4, 2012″ start=”201201002-073000″ end=”20121004-170000″]SMX – Search Marketing Expo East[/row]
[row location=”Georgia, US” date=”Oct 4 – 6, 2012″ start=”201201004-080000″ end=”20121006-180000″]Savvy Blogging Summit[/row]
[row location=”Florida, US” date=”Oct 9 – 10, 2012″ start=”201201009-080000″ end=”20121010-180000″]Conversion Conference Florida[/row]
[row location=”Illinois, US” date=”Oct 9 – 10, 2012″ start=”201201009-073000″ end=”20121010-164000″]iStrategy Chicago[/row]
[row location=”Berlin, DE” date=”Oct 11, 2012″ start=”201201011-070000″ end=”20121011-180000″]SES – Search Engine Strategies Berlin[/row]
[row location=”Stockholm, SE” date=”Oct 15 – 16, 2012″ start=”201201015-080000″ end=”20121016-180000″]eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Stockholm[/row]
[row location=”Stockholm, SE” date=”Oct 15 – 16, 2012″ start=”201201015-080000″ end=”20121016-180000″]SMX – Search Marketing Expo Stockholm[/row]
[row location=”Nevada, US” date=”Oct 15 – 19, 2012″ start=”201201015-080000″ end=”20121019-200000″]Pubcon Las Vegas[/row]
[row location=”New York, US” date=”Oct 21 – 26, 2012″ start=”201201021-080000″ end=”20121026-180000″]eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit New York[/row]
[tableheader value=”November 2012″ /]
[row location=”Dusseldorf, DE” date=”Nov 6 – 7, 2012″ start=”20121106-080000″ end=”20121107-173000″]Conversion Conference Düsseldorf[/row]
[row location=”Dusseldorf, DE” date=”Nov 6 – 7, 2012″ start=”20121106-080000″ end=”20121107-170000″]eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Dusseldorf[/row]
[row location=”Dusseldorf, DE” date=”Nov 6 – 7, 2012″ start=”20121106-080000″ end=”20121107-170000″]Predictive Analytics World Düsseldorf[/row]
[row location=”Illinois, US” date=”Nov 12 – 16, 2012″ start=”20121112-090000″ end=”20121116-171500″]SES – Search Engine Strategies Chicago[/row]
[row location=”Scotts Road, SG” date=”Nov 19 – 21, 2012″ start=”20121119-090000″ end=”20121121-171500″]SES – Search Engine Strategies Singapore[/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Nov 27 – 28, 2012″ start=”20121127-083000″ end=”20121128-173000″]Conversion Conference London[/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Nov 27 – 28, 2012″ start=”20121127-083000″ end=”20121128-173000″]eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit London[/row]
[row location=”London, UK” date=”Nov 27 – 28, 2012″ start=”20121127-083000″ end=”20121128-173000″]Predictive Analytics World London[/row]
[tableheader value=”December 2012″ /]
[row location=”New Delhi, IN” date=”Dec 4 – 5, 2012″ start=”20121204-080000″ end=”20121205-180000″]SES – Search Engine Strategies New Delhi[/row]
[row location=”Las Vegas, NV, US” date=”Dec 5 – 6, 2012″ start=”20121205-080000″ end=”20121206-180000″]SMX – Search Marketing Expo Social Media Marketing[/row]
[tableheader value=”January 2013″ /]
[row location=”Utah, US” date=”Jan 23 – 26, 2013″ start=”20130123-080000″ end=”20130126-180000″]Altitude Design Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SMX – Search Marketing Expo Israel[/row]
[tableheader value=”February 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]CAP Webinar: How To Optimize Your Site for Maximum Conversions & Revenue with Tim Ash[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]eTail Palm Springs[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SES – Search Engine Strategies London[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SES – Search Engine Strategies Search and Social Accelerator[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SMX – Search Marketing Expo West[/row]
[tableheader value=”March 2013″ /]
[row location=”Ontario, CA” date=”Mar 18 – 21, 2013″ start=”20130318-080000″ end=”20130321-180000″]eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Toronto[/row]
[row location=”Ontario, CA” date=”Mar 18 – 21, 2013″ start=”20130318-080000″ end=”20130321-180000″]Predictive Analytics World Toronto[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SES – Search Engine Strategies New York[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SMILE – Social Media Internet Law Enforcement Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SMX – Search Marketing Expo Munich[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Munich[/row]
[tableheader value=”April 2013″ /]
[row location=”California, US” date=”Apr 14 – 18, 2013″ start=”20130414-080000″ end=”20130418-180000″]eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit San Francisco[/row]
[row location=”California, US” date=”Apr 14 – 18, 2013″ start=”20130414-080000″ end=”20130418-180000″]Predictive Analytics World San Francisco[/row]
[row location=”Shanghai, CH” date=”TBD”]SES – Search Engine Strategies Shanghai[/row]
[row location=”Toronto, CA” date=”TBD”]SMX – Search Marketing Expo Toronto[/row]
[tableheader value=”May 2013″ /]
[row location=”Sydney, AU” date=”TBD”]eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Sydney[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Enterprise Search Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]iStrategy London[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Mom 2.0 Summit[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SMX – Search Marketing Expo Sydney[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SOBCon – Successful Online Business Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SMX – Search Marketing Expo London[/row]
[tableheader value=”June 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Blogging While Brown[/row]
[row location=”Illinois, US” date=”TBD”]Conversion Conference Chicago[/row]
[row location=”Illinois, US” date=”TBD”]eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Chicago[/row]
[row location=”Paris, FR” date=”TBD”]eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit Paris[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]eTail Europe[/row]
[row location=”Washington, US” date=”TBD”]International Search Summit Seattle[/row]
[row location=”Illinois, US” date=”TBD”]Predictive Analytics World Chicago[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SearchLove San Francisco[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SEO Training Course “Made in USA” in Europe[/row]
[row location=”Toronto, CA” date=”TBD”]SES – Search Engine Strategies Toronto[/row]
[row location=”Paris, FR” date=”TBD”]SMX – Search Marketing Expo Paris[/row]
[row location=”Washington, US” date=”TBD”]SMX – Search Marketing Expo Seattle[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]tbeX – Travel Blog Exchange[/row]
[tableheader value=”July 2013″ /]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]An Event Apart Austin[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Evo Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]MozCon[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Search Exchange Conference[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]WebVisions[/row]
[tableheader value=”August 2013″ /]
[row location=”Illinois, US” date=”TBD”]An Event Apart Chicago[/row]
[row location=”Washington, DC, US” date=”TBD”]An Event Apart DC[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Blog Her[/row]
[row location=”Massachusetts, US” date=”TBD”]eTail Boston[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]SEMCON – Search Engine Marketing Conference[/row]
[row location=”California, US” date=”TBD”]SES – Search Engine Strategies San Francisco[/row]
[row location=”TBD” date=”TBD”]Wine Bloggers’ Conference[/row]
Add Conference