Alessandro Valente: Brazil an easy entry point to LATAM

Latin America continues to be a market rich with potential according to Super Affiliates co-founder Alessandro Valente. Valente has proven track record of success in the LATAM region and he took some time out to share his insights on how to acquire LATAM players in a chat with our very own Becky Liggero Fontana. 

Despite the economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic in South America, there continues to be considerable interest in the region according to Valente. The Super-Affiliates co-founder has seen a recent influx of new affiliates in the market, “which is very healthy and it shows that Brazil is coming up in everyone’s mind and the strategy.”

Valente believes that as a new market, Brazil offers some cultural advantages to affiliates as opposed to the challenges that they may find setting up in other parts of the world. “Brazil has a very easy-going situation when it comes to cultural differences. It’s not like Asia that is completely alien to most of the Europeans.” 

Valente believes that the tax and regulations make Brazil need to be considered carefully by operators and affiliates looking to expand into the LATAM region. “Regarding regulations that may affect revenues from affiliates in Brazil, you have to be willing to work with the regulated companies or soon to be regulated or licensed in Brazil.” He said. “The tax and implications are quite strong and that will potentially have a negative impact in terms of revenues.”

For affiliates and new operators that were looking for their brand to make an impact on the market, Valente recommends a strong PR strategy that is locally aligned. 

“When it comes to Brazil it’s quite a tricky situation, there is only one company that is doing quite well. Normally the PR companies in Brazil are not familiarized with the subject so they kind of tend to get it all wrong,” Valente said. 

Valente thinks that operators and affiliates need to consider a robust outlook towards sponsorship in the Brazilian market. According to Valente, tapping into Brazil’s passion for soccer can offer new operators some strategic benefits.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re sponsoring a football club or a whole national team, you should consider having the two strategies together. If you’re considering doing, for example, a sponsorship, then you have to do some PR and then you look into squeezing a decent deal into your budget.” 

In the full interview, Valente expands further on his experience to offer insights on how operators and affiliates can avoid the pitfalls of sponsorship and maximizing brand exposure in the Brazilian market by hiring locally. For the full video be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel.