Deltin Group opens new casino in Kathmandu, Nepal

The Marriott Hotel at Kathmandu Naxal Nepal has a new gambling house.  Thanks to an arrangement between the Deltin Group, a subsidiary of India-based Delta Corp., and Everest Hospitality and Hotel Pvt. Ltd., Deltin is launched its first International Venture Deltin Casino at the hotel, prepared to bring a new level of casino activity to the city as Nepal continues to boost its tourism and offer a wider array of options to help increase its local economy.

deltin-group-opens-new-casino-in-kathmandu-nepalThe casino is going to not only bring in revenue through its gambling offerings, but will also provide greater opportunities to attract foreign direct investments (FDI).  This, in turn, will bring in new entertainment attractions, as well as other activities, continuing to make Nepal a worldwide destination for tourists.

Deltin was issued its license for the casino early last month and opened the doors for the first time to visitors on February 8.  The gaming and hospitality company had been working with Marriott for over two years in an effort to add the casino to the hotel after reaching an agreement with Everest to lease space at the property.  The casino will employee 250 locals, all of whom were provided with training under international supervision in order to ensure they are prepared to handle a global market.

The president and CEO of Deltin Group, Anil Malani, said in a statement about the new casino, “We believe that compliance and ethics is an integral aspect to our business and so we are happy to join hands with Everest Hospitality and Hotel, the owners of the Marriott Hotel here, as both our companies share common values professionalism and excellence in service; our shared values and parallel vision reassures that our business is in safe hands.”

The casino, and the other initiatives, are all part of the local government’s “Visit Nepal Year 2020” plan, which includes a variety of new endeavors that will put Nepal on the international travel map.  Among these endeavors are plans for new mountain bike trails, a pilgrimage circuit that includes religious sites such as Devghat, Muktinath and Pashupatinah and others, as well as new events and festivals.

The gambling operations will hopefully give Delta Corp. a much-needed jolt in its revenue.  The company reported in January that its revenue had remained flat in the third quarter compared to the same quarter a year earlier, but also indicated that it had seen a slight increase in profits as it had cut its tax expenses.