How Fedor Holz’s passion for poker cracked the code


how-fedor-holzs-passion-for-poker-cracked-the-codeIt would be fair to say that German poker phenomenon Fedor Holz is one of life’s success stories. At the age of just 26, Holz has cashed for $32,556,377 in poker tournaments alone. Elsewhere, he was declared the best online MTT player in the world two years running (2014 & 2015) and won his first World Series of Poker bracelet when he won the $111,111-entry High Roller For One Drop, winning just under $5 million. Holz is a phenomenon.

So it’s refreshing to see that his latest video centres around the elusive quality that fuels almost everything that becomes a success – passion.

Holz talks about passion and how to dedicate yourself to the things that you want to achieve. Take a look:

Fedor Holz is not only a great speaker, he’s a simple one, as all the best motivational speakers are. Not only is his YouTube channel filled with positive and practical ways to improve your life and follow your passion, he’s walking, talking proof of how best to do it. As he himself says, he didn’t make a profit in poker for four years, but he learned the skills that would eventually mean that he never has to work again. Such things take talent, but moreover, they take a strong mindset that is focused on positive directions.

Holz’s career in poker has yielded so many highlights, it is hard to select them without missing other enjoyable moments from his play. He’s finished 25th in the WSOP Main Event, won a Triton Super High Roller for $3.4 million and cashed for just over that amount by finishing as runner-up in the Super High Roller in the same year.

Holz’s most recent seven-figure score was the $6 million he took home for his performance in The Big One for One Drop in 2018. His passion may centre around helping others now, however, and it would seem that Holz is thinking deeply about the idea of creating a space for others to be passionate.

Since he called time on his professional poker career and moved towards a more recreational life within the game to pursue his business passions, Holz has been a positive example of how someone can achieve great thing in poker and not remain trapped by the game, but continue to enjoy it on a more reduced scale.

He recently discussed some of his passions and, of course, his poker career on the award-winning podcast The Chip Race with Dara O’Kearney and David Lappin. You can listen to the episode or indulge in an hour-long unedited interview with Holz if you want to, as well:

Whatever Fedor Holz does, he indulges his passion and follows a focused path to success. As he says, you can do it too, just by starting at 15 minutes a day and going from there. You couldn’t have a better role model to follow if you’re one of Fedor Holz’s millions of fans. He’s got the passion.