Seven poker quotes from modern poker legends to inspire you

Poker Chips

Poker ChipsMonday morning can often feel like the morning after the night before for the highly logical reason that it is often exactly that – the morning after most of the biggest tournaments of the week, the Sunday Majors. 

We’ve cherry-picked seven of the best quotes from the best modern poker players to inspire you to have your best week at the felt so far. 

  1. “Study hard and realise it’s mostly hard work – never blame anything on luck.”

Multiple WSOP bracelet winner Dominik Nitsche’s words on 888poker’s Instagram page say it all – hard work will get you there, so put in the work. 

  1. “Understand the ups and the downs of poker and if you get too high, or too low, you’re just not going to be around long.”

Jason Koon’s words in this interview with CardPlayer Lifestyle’s Robbie Strazynski are a great motivator to keeping an even temperament. The variance of poker can hurt at any time, but it can feel like there’s an extra pressure with the year end approaching. Mental strength is everything. 

  1. “One of the biggest lessons poker has taught me is to not be too focused on results but focus on the process and making good decisions.”

Fedor Holz puts it brilliantly in this feature for High Stakes Database, with the German’s relentless pursuit of success now extending to business as well as poker with his Primed Mind app and Pokercode website enhancing the young European’s reputation around the world. 

  1. “I live two completely different lives. When I’m in L.A., I go out and party a lot; I love the nightlife scene there. But when I’m in Vegas or traveling to any tournament I’m super boring. I never drink. I never stay up late. I’m always super focused and I’m kind of a nit when it comes to getting enough sleep.”

Justin Bonomo’s revealing interview on Poker Listings really opened a window into the all-time money list phenomenon’s lifestyle and duality. If you have a poker persona that you keep separate from your real life, then there’s still every chance you can be a success. 

  1. “Deal with your stupid mistakes and never let the past bring you down. You start blaming other things and you’ll never get back to where you want to be.”

Bryn Kenney’s inspirational words on levelling with your own mistakes and improving your true self should drive you forward. No-one has won more than the New Yorker in live poker tournaments and it’s not even close. 

  1. “I find it to be a much greater accomplishment – and necessary – if through solidarity, we can get everyone at the bottom to all move up a couple rungs on the ladder. This can be done once we stop idolizing those who were able to make it to the top.”

Daniel Colman doesn’t say much, but in this feature with Pocket 5’s, his staunch views on helping those weakest can be applied to everyday life, not just poker. Perhaps in this week, these words apply more than in many others this year, with the U.S. election results and the possible hope for a pandemic vaccine contributing to a sense of hope for many people. 

  1. “People call us gamblers while in reality poker is such a great lesson and the knowledge you get from our game is very applicable in a variety of real-life situations.”

Mikita Badziakowski’s recent blog for partypoker is a great guide to have the self-respect for what you are doing if you’re striving for poker success. Just remember to pay it back or forward when you reach that promised land.

Whatever poker you’re playing this week, hold yourself well on and off the felt and it could be your most successful week at the felt this year. Believe.