Should I play live poker or online poker?

Playing Poker

Knowing which game to play in poker is often the biggest challenge that poker can throw at you. Are you suited to live poker in a casino or online poker at home? There may be many factors in your own life that have a bearing on that decision, but if you’ve weighed them all up and still aren’t sure, then maybe we can help.

Playing Poker

From how you play to where you feel most comfortable, let’s take a quick look at whether live or online poker would suit you best.

Staying in the Game by Playing Poker Online

Playing poker in a casino might be something that daunts you, or perhaps you’d rather wait until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Either way, playing online has never been easier, and the perception of the game has been changed by the Coronavirus pandemic. From the World Poker Tour to partypoker MILLIONS, the World Series of Poker and GGPoker’s Super MILLION$, some of the best tournaments ever held are now being held online.

Online poker is a real cause for optimism in the poker industry right now and joining the fun has never been easier. There are a ton of ways to play, from real money accounts with bonus offers making it worth any player’s while to play money possibilities with brands such as PokerStars, 888Poker and partypoker so you can try your luck without risking even the smallest bankroll.

The World Series of Poker even took place online in 2020, changing how players viewed the world’s biggest poker festival forever… as well as how players took on final tables!

Head to a Live Casino

If you don’t enjoy clicking buttons, then playing in a live poker tournament or cash game at your local casino or at the nearest MTT event could be for you. The trouble is, there aren’t many live events happening in the current climate.

From mid stakes events to tournaments still happening in further reaches of Europe such as the European Poker Tour Sochi event, which remains on the active schedule, there are still some live tournaments taking place. While lockdown restrictions in certain countries have meant a reductions in the number of events taking place, guarantees and attendances hae been strong across many areas where casinos have plexiglass dividers between seats and hand sanitizing equipment to keep all players safe and healthy at every stop.

If you are a social player, then live could well be for you. If you’re looking to become a professional poker player during lockdown, then online poker would be our suggestion for where to start.