ICE London, Martin (sks365): “The Italian market has changed its face, but it is in times of difficulty that it is important to find one’s identity and values again”


SKS365’s new CEO: “Italy can return to being that European regulatory model with the support of operators and legislators. The risk of demonizing a sector is losing credibility especially at an international level”

ice-london-martin-sks365-the-italian-market-has-changed-its-face-but-it-is-in-times-of-difficulty-that-it-is-important-to-find-ones-identity-and-values-againLondon, 5 february, 2020 –What has been happening in Italy since last summer in gaming and betting market brings with it an important message, that we must transmit from Italy to the international industry: prohibiting a habit does not cancel it, keeping silent a problem does not solve it, breaking down a sector does not regulate it – said Alexander Martin, the new CEO of SKS365, at Country Briefing panel Italian gambling advertising ban – Why is it a “losing game”?’ by LOGICO – “Worse is when these decisions not only do not constitute a solution, but configure another problem: disinformation and disorientation towards the customer, the difficulty of understanding what is legal and what is not. Operators, consumers, media, the State itself, all have been affected by what is known as AD BAN, which has been discussed and written so much since before it came into force. The Italian case is a warning to everyone on how two delicate and important problems such as pathological gambling and criminal infiltrations in the sector should not be addressed. It is not about money or business – continued Martin, named CEO at SKS365 last December – But about ethics and professionalism of a sector that, in recent years above all, has perfected itself to become an ally of Institutions, Authorities and Police Forces in reporting offenses and malfeasance, as well as first promoter responsible gaming as a pure form of entertainment and fun. We must work together in order to spread a culture of responsible gaming, a necessary condition first in the fight against pathological behaviour. Therefore, it is essential to have a constructive dialogue between all the actors involved in order to harmonize the legislation and comply with international standards, to balance the protection needs of order and public health with the necessary survival of the Italian gaming sector.”

About SKS365

SKS365 Group is an authorized sport betting and gaming operator, one among the leaders in the Italian betting market, where it operates under the Planetwin365 brand. The passion for sports, driven by principals of transparency and security with the goal of creating value for the Entertainment industry are all elements that SKS365 offers its clients to further develop the gaming experience and expand business opportunities for all commercial partners. Through the Planetwin365 brand, SKS365 offers a unique and diversified gaming experience both online – via the website – and offline, through a retail network of about 1000 shops all around the Italian territory.