Synergy Blue, Jade Entertainment partner on distribution deal


Synergy Blue, a U.S. based casino game developer, announced that they have signed a distribution to deal with Jade Entertainment Solutions. The deal enables Jade Entertainment to provide sales distribution and localized support throughout the Asia-Pacific region for Synergy Blue’s Hybrid Arcade Wager-based Gaming (HAWG) platform as well as their library of arcade-style casino games.

synergy-blue-jade-entertainment-partner-on-distribution-deal-minThe announcement comes in coordination with the G2E Asia event in the Philippines that will begin on December 4. Synergy Blue’s CEO Georg Washington will attend the event and will be part of a panel discussion that will include the top innovators and developers in today’s market, who are creating products and services geared towards making the player experience a lot more enjoyable. In a statement, Washington explained:

“This agreement is a great step for Synergy Blue and we’re very excited to work with Jade Entertainment, who are experts in their market. New trends are driving innovation in entertainment worldwide and gambling preferences are evolving to reflect that. Providing a variety of new experiences with the quality and engagement level that players now expect is crucial. This is what our game library was built for and we’re excited to expand our offering to the Asia Pacific region.”

The deal will give Jade Entertainment complete and total access to Synergy Blue’s GLI/BMM approved library of arcade-style games. These games are built on the HAWG platform, which is considered one of the premier platforms in terms of its flexibility for operators, as it allows them to easily tailor gameplay and math variance to best accommodate regulations and customer experience.

This was not the only deal that Synergy Blue signed. Hours later it was announced that they had reached an agreement with Caesars Entertainment to place their games inside the Las Vegas Strip Linq Hotel and Casino. According to a spokesperson for Caesars, the use of these games will give customers a whole new set of innovative and exciting games to improve their experience.

In speaking about the deal with Caesars, the Synergy Blue CEO stated that “Their dedication to providing unique guest experiences fully aligns with our goals, and we believe our games will fit perfectly into the tech-forward atmosphere they’ve created at The Linq.”

Synergy Blue began operations in 2013 and is currently running casinos in six countries across the globe. Currently, they provide 22 games including word puzzles, rifle style games and driving themed options.