Bitboss CEO and co-founder Matt Dickson talks crypto gambling at G2E

Bitboss CEO and co-founder Matt Dickson talks crypto gambling at G2E

Bitboss has been leading the way with innovation on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain. One of its most interesting solutions is its development in the gambling space, which is revolutionizing the entire industry. The company’s co-founder and CEO, Matt Dickson, met up with Calvin Ayre reporter Becky Liggero at the recent G2E conference in Las Vegas and discussed some of the exciting changes that are coming to the gambling space thanks to Bitboss and BSV.

Dickson and the rest of the team chose BSV as their blockchain gambling solution because it offers real-time gaming opportunities that are inexpensive to manage and completely secure. After seeing all of the possibilities BSV could offer, the company developed a new solution that is the next step in the evolution of gaming devices.

Slot machines were, at one point, exclusively operated through physical currency. Then, TITO (ticket in-ticket out) was introduced, allowing gamblers to play using slips of paper that can be redeemed for cash at automated kiosks. The next step in the cycle is to begin offering a solution for using cryptocurrency, and that is now possible with Bridge.

Bridge is a hardware device that can be installed on any slot machine, regardless of the manufacturer. It allows players to feed digital currency or credits into the machine and works seamlessly, without requiring any back-end provider. Bridge is TITO taken to the next level and works just the same as any payment system.

Bitboss is also offering its own gaming solutions and has already gotten started by launching baccarat and roulette games. Since they’re completely managed and operated directly on the blockchain, there is greater transparency and better security, and have the added benefit of not requiring a server to run. All transactions take place right on the blockchain, providing the ability to get started immediately without having to be concerned about potential outages or data losses.

White-labelled solutions are coming, as well. These will give gaming operators the ability to launch their own gaming content and their own branded tokens, thanks to the integration of the Tokenized protocol on the BSV blockchain, and be up and running in no time.

Every industry has to adapt to new, better innovations to stay pertinent. This is especially true of the highly competitive gaming industry, and Bitboss is blazing a path for what’s to come. The power of blockchain technology is leading to an unprecedented amount of change in the enterprise space and is, without a doubt, going to be the foundation of virtually all business activity going forward.