BitBoss Josh Robinson Day 1 presentation – CG Seoul

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The CoinGeek Seoul conference has wrapped up after an impressive lineup of participants and speakers helped make it one of the most important cryptocurrency conferences of recent times. Highlighting the many advancements and innovations that have occurred – and are still occurring on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain help put the future of the entire Bitcoin ecosystem into perspective. On hand to talk about some of what is going on at BitBoss was its co-founder and Chief Architect, Josh Robinson, who provided some invaluable insight into how the Bitcoin ecosystem, thanks to BSV, is changing.

There has been a lot of news coverage lately talking about the many changes going on with BSV and how the blockchain has become the most innovative among all the current options. This is great for the industry as a whole, but can also be problematic at times. Keeping up with the changes can be confusing, but this is why BitBoss has decided to take a different approach to its developments, and this approach is going to pay off big time in the long run.

Instead of an individual static solution, BitBoss is integrating a great amount of modular development into its solutions. This makes the platforms easily adaptable to innovation, as well as to developers looking to build on top of the company’s offerings. It also makes things highly flexible, which will lead to enhanced acceptance.

Robinson points out that, almost every other week, some creative developer like Unwriter is introducing something new. This is possible because of BSV’s scalability and demonstrates how versatile the blockchain is. Going forward, BitBoss is going to continue to work on script templates, creating new ones and tweaking existing offerings to incorporate many of the new changes. It is also working on solutions that will support multiple blockchains in order to make its platform as versatile and popular as possible.

BitBoss got its starts as a blockchain-based gaming solution and has already found great success with products such as baccarat and lotteries. It is also behind the Keyring JavaScript libraries, which have helped to expedite BSV development. Initially begun to serve its own gaming operations, Keyring was found to be beneficial to the entire ecosystem, allowing it to be rolled out to the community.


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