to cease publishing gambling news. Calvin Ayre to focus 100% on the success of Bitcoin SV


If you’ve been paying attention to this space for the past almost 10 years, you’ll know that we’ve been proponents of the original bitcoin and the promises made in the bitcoin whitepaper.

Calvin used to write annual predictions for the gambling industry and in his first edition in 2011, Calvin made a point to mention Bitcoin. 

14. ANONYMOUS PAYMENT SYSTEMS: This will be the year a modified version of Bitcoin hits the net. Someone is going to figure out how to make this work and when they do, all the anti-gambling, over-regulating authoritarian governments will be exposed as emperors without clothes. It might not be obvious that this is even happening at first, since these systems are by definition stealthy affairs.

He saw the potential of Bitcoin and the limitations of BTC but in the past several years, which dovetailed with his links to Craig Wright aka Satoshi Nakamoto, Calvin put his focus squarely on making Bitcoin SV a success and realize the potential he saw almost a decade ago.

I’ve put together an FAQ that hopefully answers other questions you may have that may not have been answered in Calvin’s statement, if not let us know and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Why the move?

Calvin Ayre has been primarily focused on Bitcoin SV for a long time. The decision to cease reporting on the gambling industry is in no way a slight to the gambling industry but rather a signal to the gambling industry as to how much Calvin believes in Bitcoin SV and it’s future.

The gambling industry will always hold a fondness in his heart, but he is 100% laser focused on the success of Bitcoin SV. Calvin Ayre hopes that his dedication to Bitcoin SV will encourage others in the gambling industry to take unbiased analytical review at the technology behind BSV as it is Bitcoin in its truest form in accordance with Satoshi Nakamoto’s Whitepaper.


Calvin Ayre believes bitcoin SV is the best technology for the gambling industry and, he wants the gambling industry to come along on the journey.

Calvin Ayre is encouraging the gambling industry to explore the benefits of Bitcoin SV. It’s more than a coin or an investment vehicle. Like TCP/IP, it’s a protocol that opens so many possibilities to create solutions for today’s problems beyond payments, particularly solutions involving data management.

What happens next?
Will there be media partnerships available with

As we will no longer be updating on until there is a new website in place, we won’t be entertaining media partnerships.

We suggest you reach out to Alex at [email protected] as is entertaining and actively seeking new partnerships where there is synergistic alignment.

What will happen to’s gambling articles and videos?’s gambling content will remain as is for the time being.

When a new version of is launched, we will maintain an accessible archive of our almost 12 years of news, columns, and interviews although it’s location will likely change.

In 2020, we migrated all of the interviews and highlight videos to our CalvinAyreNews YouTube Channel where they will remain available to watch and share.

The CalvinAyreNews Facebook and Twitter accounts will no longer be updated but will remain. Please note – Requests sent through social media will no longer be answered.

If you have a question or request regarding’s legacy contact, please use the contact form on the website and someone will get back to you.

What happens to the Team?

The behind-the-scenes team will continue working with Ayre Media, but their focus will shift from to or one of the other Ayre Media brands.

Our great writers and columnists who have contributed so much to’s a success over the years have share their plans in a final column on the site.

Some are transitioning to, while others have decided to go it alone with a subscription newsletter or hit the free agent market, something to consider if your site needs great writers to cover the gambling industry.

Tell me about and CoinGeek Conferences

In much the same way that presented a different voice to challenge the status-quo thinking in the gambling industry, aims to do the same for the burgeoning blockchain industry.

It’s correcting misinformation and flawed reasoning and it’s offering solutions for people new to the blockchain space. It’s fighting against the status quo and the self-serving promotion that has permeated the space. shares daily news on the latest developments in the industry and features the brightest and most creative minds in the community to give you the best insights on the current state and direction of the technology.

Calvin Ayre held legendary events for the gambling industry and he’s bringing some of that gambling industry sizzle to blockchain events. CoinGeek Conferences have been held in New York, London, Toronto, Seoul, and Hong Kong with more slated for the coming years.

You can see highlights of past events at

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