Becky’s Affiliated: My gift to you on my wedding day

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Yes, it is true! Today, September 12th, 2019 is my wedding day and I’m here in Malta to celebrate with my family and closest friends and colleagues, including many of the bright minds behind Bitcoin SV (BSV) and CoinGeek events.

beckys-affiliated-my-gift-to-you-on-my-wedding-dayI consider myself incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by people on a daily basis who are changing the world as we know it. Its difficult to recognize the ground-breaking direction of BSV unless you’re engulfed in the technology and have first-hand exposure to the work going on behind the scenes, so my gift to you on my wedding day is this: don’t miss the BSV boat, no matter what industry you are in.

The first point I would like to make is that Bitcoin is not about trading. Day-trading crypto currencies does nothing to push the industry forward. Rather, it is about development on the blockchain, it is about scaling, it is about micro-transactions, instant transactions, low fees, innovative applications, smart contracts…all which can be done with BSV.

If you’re only interested in day-trading, what I’m about to dive into is not for you.

If you’re still with me, the best way to learn about Bitcoin SV quickly is by attending the upcoming CoinGeek Seoul Conference on October 1st and 2nd, an event dedicated to revolutionizing the way we do business, transactions and payments.  Bitcoin SV will power the New Digital Economy and CoinGeek Seoul has been designed to kick-start the process of introducing investors and enterprises to BSV technology and the innovation happening within the ecosystem.

Last week, at the Bitcoin SV London Meetup, three leaders from the BSV space delivered brief speeches on the significance of CoinGeek Seoul and how they plan to push the BSV ecosystem forward.

“As I always like to say, its time for Bitcoin to grow up. And for it to grow up, it needs to get beyond the crypto hobbiest ecosystem and get into mainstream. So we have been reaching out to enterprises to educate them about building on Bitcoin SV and attracting them to come to CoinGeek Seoul to learn more”, Jimmy Nguyen of the Bitcoin Association told me after his speech at the meet-up.

“We’ve been reaching out to people in the traditional, institutional investment community – on Wall Street, in San Francisco, in other places – to educate them about why Bitcoin SV is a great asset class for they and their clients to consider. And finally we’ve been reaching out to venture investors so that more investment funds around the world are starting to take a look at Bitcoin SV”, he revealed.

Dr. Craig Wright, Chief Scientist of nChain, is fond of Seoul and looks forward to returning, this time with a great interest in encouraging more developers to jump on board and push forward the BSV technology he created.

“We want to actually get people engaged in building. I keep saying this. A distributed system needs developers everywhere. We need lots of systems, we need lots of people actually building an ecosystem. You can’t make a currency like Bitcoin that is really something that takes a life of its own on and grows without lots developers who take these things up and do them”, Dr. Wright told me.

nChain’s Chief Technology Officer, Steve Shadders, spoke on the upcoming Genesis upgrade, something I would never expect iGaming professionals to know or care about, but it is important for the crypto industry and he boiled it down this way:

“My presentation on the technical day [of CoinGeek Seoul] is going to be specifically about Genesis. It is important because its one of the most ambitious consensus changes that’s been done in the history of crypto. I think we’re making more consensus changes in this particular upgrade than has ever been done before”.

If this is all far too technical and detailed for you, that is fine- I just wanted to show you how serious the BSV community is about creating something real and life-changing, not just a coin to be traded for quick money.

If a conference dedicated to Bitcoin SV is a bit aggressive for you at this point, the first day of SiGMA Europe will provide a platform for learning more about BSV from an online gambling perspective. Once you’ve wet your appetite, you can always join us for another CoinGeek conference, such as “CoinGeek Week” this coming February in London, an event no one will want to miss.


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