Malaysia law enforcement targeting online gambling


Reports have surfaced that illegal gambling is taking over in Malaysia. This has led to the country looking to update its gambling laws, but, until the new framework is ready, law enforcement will have to take a leading role in extinguishing illicit gaming operations. Police are already starting to fulfill their task and just took down a large illegal online gambling site that saw 100 people being sent to jail.

malaysia-law-enforcement-targeting-online-gambling2The website was being operated out of a facility near Kuala Lumpur and offering over 200 games. When it was raided this week, 83 men and 17 women – all Chinese nationals – were arrested. In addition, one local woman was also taken into custody. Looking at immigration and illegal gambling charges, each is looking at anywhere from six months to five years behind bars.

Unlawful imprisonment might make its way to the list of charges, as well. According to reports, the leaders of the operation had restricted the workers’ movements and kept them indoors.

When police conducted their raid of four rented houses in the town of Mont Kiara, a gated community with private security guards and closed-circuit security cameras, they confiscated 23 personal computers, 66 laptops, 555 mobile phones, and various computer network equipment. The police action was led by six officers from the force, as well as another 31 law enforcement officials.

The group worked to target Chinese gamblers, making promises of easy wins and large payouts. Different news sources that have reported on the arrests have said that the operation may have taken in around $4,300 a day or as much as $17,200 a day. The site has reportedly been in operation since January.

Malaysian police are taking their action against illegal online gambling very seriously. They made 22,000 arrests last year as a result of 10,000 raids and, this past March, led another raid against an illegal gambling den.

The entirety of Southeast Asia is cracking down on online gaming, especially if it involves Chinese nationals. China has been pushing the Philippines to cut back on its offshore gaming operator licenses, and its efforts are paying off. Cambodia has also stopped to issue online gaming licenses, and China has commended both countries for their responses.