Codere’s Aviv Sher: Latam next market to grow after Europe, Asia


Codere has been a major player in the Latin American and Spanish markets, but it won’t stay that way by resting on its laurels. To discuss how they are going to stay at the top and evolve with the market, Aviv Sher, site manager at Codere, joined’s Becky Liggero to share the company’s strategy.

It’s important to understand that Codere starts from a place of strength, with a strong market presence in many countries. “First of all, Codere is a giant in the LatAm market and in Spain,” Sher started. “Basically, many, many years since the 1980s, running shops in Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Panama, and in Spain and Italy.”

The big change for them is to take on a bigger presence online. They’re doing this through a strong use of affiliates. “[We’re] launching the affiliate program and bringing all the affiliate marketing capabilities into this brand,” Sher explained. “So the opportunity is huge. We are investing a lot of money into marketing in Spain, and now we are launching a big campaign in Mexico as well. We see very good, even great opportunity for affiliates to join the revolution and turn in to Latam. We identify it as the next market to grow after Europe and Asia, and we have a very high expectation from this market.”

Codere expect to grow more in South America through smart marketing, and part of that is choosing the right brand ambassadors. “We signed a deal with a brand ambassador called Carlos Valderrama,” Sher told Liggero. Valderrama played for the Columbian national football team in three World Cup’s in the 1990s. “He’s very famous in Colombia, he led the Colombian team to a few victories, especially 5-0 against Argentina. I hope I’m not offending any Argentinian here. We also launched a big campaign there during the first quarter, and Colombia is definitely a target market for us.”

He’s not just a great face for the brand for his popularity; he fits in with what the company is trying to achieve. “He’s a great guy, and great ambassador,” Sher added. “His values are aligning with our brand, and he will be our brand ambassador in Colombia.”