Hippo52, PokerHigh join forces to strengthen their position

Hippo52, PokerHigh join forces to strengthen their position

A new poker gaming portal in India is emerging. Hippo52.com, a site operated by Ultimate Gaming Technologies Pvt. Ltd out of Delhi, and poker portal PokerHigh will be combined to improve the position of the two companies and help them compete against larger players in the industry.

Hippo52, PokerHigh join forces to strengthen their positionHippo52.com mentioned on its website the new endeavor, stating that it has merged with PokerHigh, a company that is operated by Quatumskill Gaming and Tech Pvt. Ltd., adding that player balances have already been transferred to accounts on PokerHigh. The merger reportedly involves 1,400 users of the Hippo52 website and will lead to more participation in offline events in India, as well as abroad.

Founder and Managing Director of PokerHigh, Mithun Rebello, stated of the merger, “Having been in the game from the early days, we’ve always believed that consolidation would be a natural next step for the industry in the years to come, and we saw this as a great opportunity to further cement our position in the market. Having collaborated with Hippo52 during multiple events in the past, we are now excited to work together as one unit with their combined expertise in offline poker and community engagement.”

Hippo52 founder Sumit Khurana added, “We have been watching the growth of online poker in India for some years now, and with this move we wish to offer even better experiences to our combined patrons and to set the ball rolling in our endeavour of making poker reach its true potential in India. PokerHigh has been known as one of the most fun brands out there for over 3 years now, and we are truly excited to be working together with them. The idea will be to focus on bringing recreational poker players into the main fold, through specially curated poker experiences at exotic destinations across the globe. These expeditions will be multi dimensional [sic] and will blend poker with other unique experiences.”

This isn’t the first time that the two sites have joined up. They have launched various offline skill gaming and poker events, including a recently concluded event that gave a few poker players a trip to Colombo, as well as a skill-gaming event that was organized by Brainduel Games in Delhi this past January.