Per Eriksson: Innovation is key for NetEnt

CAI Per Eriksson

In this interview with’s Becky Liggero, CEO Per Eriksson discusses how NetEnt manages to delight their customers with the offerings they launch.

Through the years, online gambling technology provider NetEnt has demonstrated the quality and scale of its multi-faceted offerings. This diverse showcase includes major advances in virtual reality (VR) and live casino, its newest blockbuster branded games, and its pioneering media buying program.

NetEnt CEO Per Eriksson pointed out that the success of their offerings is anchored on the company’s desire to delight their customers. They hold on to the idea that the NetEnt is the one driving the  through their innovative offerings, according to Eriksson.

“For us, it is trying to be different and innovation is key for NetEnt. We have a vision that we are driving the iGaming market,” Eriksson told “Therefore, you need to push yourself all the time and never be pleased with what you have delivered. You need to think one year ahead all the time and push yourself.”

For this year, Eriksson said inspiration for their new slots came from the public’s growing interest on television shows. In February, NetEnt has launched a slots brand called Narcos, which is considered to be one of the highest ranking shows on Netflix, and Vikings, a popular series from the Scandanavian region.

“Right now, as you know, it is not just movies anymore. It is TV series. They have more viewers than normal movies. We went into that space [TV series] this year and the first brand that we revealed was Narcos, the highest ranked series on Netflix. So, we’re proud to be able to announce that,” the NetEnt CEO said. “And for me, coming from Scandinavia, this [Vikings] brand is special. There are 37 million people watching it in 60 different countries.”

Collaborating with other operators may also result in new and exciting products, according to Eriksson.

Eriksson recalled that a conversation with Mr. Green’s CEO Jesper Karrbrink at ICE 2017 gave birth to “Live Beyond Live,” the next generation of Live Casino in which players can animate whatever they want to have in your casino. He said that Mr. Green’s capacity to think out of the box has been the clincher for them to say yes to the product partnership.

“A year ago, we sat down with Mr. Green and they had a lot of crazy ideas but you could do with our live casino products because it is very technically advanced and we saw ‘OK, we can do it and let us do it together.’” Eriksson said. “Someone that dare to think out of the box and they really do. We have pushed our limits so much and technology wise, this is an amazing product with 30 different streams at the same time. It is very advanced and also very stable. So we are excited.”