Premier Lotteries Ireland prods government to ban online lottery bets

Premier Lotteries Ireland prods government to ban online lottery bets

The days are probably numbered for internationally licensed gambling operators that offer betting on Irish lottery draws.

The Irish Sun reported that Irish National Lottery operator Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI) demanded that the government pull the plug on what it described as “parasitic” online gambling operators—such as Lottoland, MyLotto 24 and MultiLotto—that make money off the outcome of the national draw.

Premier Lotteries Ireland prods government to ban online lottery betsPLI pointed out that the online gambling operators were able to cash in on the outcome of lotteries due to a loophole in the current Irish regulatory environment.

“They utilize the names of ‘Lotto’ and ‘EuroMillions,’ potentially leading players to believe they are participating in National Lottery games and contributing to good causes. In fact, they are just betting on the outcome of games,” a PLI spokesman said, according to the news outlet.

The lottery operator appealed to the Irish government to immediately pass legislation similar to that of the British law that prohibits wagers on the national draw. PLI fear that they will financially bleed “hundreds of millions” of euros should the operations of internationally licensed gambling operators continue.

PLI executives had sought a meeting with Minister of State for eGovernment, Patrick Donovan, to discuss a “legislative solution to prevent damage to the sustainability of the National Lottery and Good Cause Fund.”

Citing an unnamed source, the news outlet said the meeting between PLI and Donovan will take place in the coming weeks.

“The National Lottery is concerned at the growth of unregulated, offshore, bet-on-lottery operators over the last 18 months,” a PLI spokesman said. “The parasitic activities of these lotteries are posing a serious threat to the National Lottery, and in turn the millions raised annually for good causes.”

A spokesman for Ireland’s for Public Expenditure said that the agency plans to discuss the matter with PLI and the state regulator and review the impacts of the internationally licensed bookmakers on the Irish National Lottery.