Match IPL founder Raj Kundra files defamation case; Season 2 details emerge

Match IPL Founder Raj Kundra files defamation case; Season 2 details emerge

Match Indian Poker League founder, Raj Kundra, has filed a defamation case against the former Goa Kings franchise owner Sachiin Joshi, and details of a planned Season 2 begin to emerge.

Match IPL Founder Raj Kundra files defamation case; Season 2 details emergeWith the Indian press more interested in Shilpa Shetty’s offbeat Saree look, you may have missed the news that her husband had filed a defamation lawsuit on Friday.

Before we all bathed in the happiness of the weekend, Raj Kundra, Chairman of Viaan Industries, and the founder of the Match Indian Poker League (IPL) ordered his legal team to start dismantling the image of Sachiin Joshi and  Manoj Ansari (the CMO of Joshi’s business Viiking Ventures).

The spat between the pair goes back a few weeks now.

With Season 1 of the Match IPL in the books, a Twitter war broke out between Kundra and Joshi, with Kundra accusing his former friend of refusing to pay his Match IPL dues and Joshi reacting by alleging Kundra fixed the first season. Joshi’s partner, Ansari also weighed in on the conversation calling Kundra a ‘con man.’

Joshi joined the Match IPL when he agreed to purchase the Goa Kings franchise for 1 crore. A payment of 50 lakh went through. The remaining money never arrived.

Kundra expressed his view on Twitter that Joshi was trying to weasel out of paying his final installment. Joshi asserted that his reasons weren’t financially motivated, but didn’t produce any evidence to show that Kundra rigged the first season as alleged.

The Match IPL founder’s lawyer, Madhukar Dalvi, submitted the paperwork on Friday quoting IPC Section 500 (punishment for defamation) and IPC Section 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention).

A court will hear the case on March 24.

I expect Shilpa Shetty to turn up with the offbeat Saree look.

Season 2 Match IPL Scant Details Emerge 

The Match IPL carries on regardless.

Season 1 winners, The Mumbai All-Stars, will defend their title in Kolkata on 31st March. There are scant details (a solitary tweet). Season 2 consists of ten teams, and the winners represent Team India in the Asia Cup in Bangkok, April. The Mumbai All-Stars represented Team India in the Match IPL Nations Cup where an Andy Black inspired Team Ireland took the title.

Let’s hope Kundra and the team missed the league end date from the tweet because a one-day event is hardly a league now is it?