Rune Loderup explains how cryptocurrency solves transparency problem

In this interview with’s Stephanie Tower, Rune Loderup of Goldblue AB shares how companies are integrating cryptocurrencies into online gaming.

Security of deposits and withdrawals is one of the main concerns of players who place their bets online, especially now that online gambling is predicted to account for 25 percent of all gambling this year.

Chances that hackers will spoof online gambling websites grow as more and more fake websites are created to take advantage of unsuspecting players. A 2018 SuperData Research finding showed that there are 1.4 million fake websites being created every month.

Rune Loderup of Goldblue AB pointed out that the problem of transparency in online gambling may be solved with the use of cryptocurrency. He believes that through the application of blockchain technology, players are assured that their money are protected.

The Goldblue Chairman said his company has already integrated bitcoin payments into its online gaming offering, which he called cryptocurrency casino.

“I think it [cryptocurrency] is going to be big. I think you have to be there. It will be an interesting market,” Loderup told “Many European operators are interested in coming to this market. We get a lot of questions, and we are able to help them with the platform we have built up. We are building up a cryptocurrency casino [this year].”

Meanwhile, Loderup announced that Goldblue plans to expand its business in Asia despite regulatory headwinds. By knowing the risks, Loderup said the company will be able to thread smoothly in different jurisdictions.

“We know the risks and we try to handle it the best way we can,” he said. “We are licensed and we are doing the right thing, we think.”

Aside from expansion, Loderup said GoldBlue also launched an initial public offering last year to fund its expansion plans.

“We promised the shareholders to do the listing and now we are doing it,” he said. “We are, of course, raising money. It will help us grow even more than we have been doing over the last years, mainly for the growth and getting a good valuation by being in this company.”