Roger Ver to trade up to 130K BTC for BTU ahead of possible ‘fork’

Roger Ver to trade up to 130K BTC for BTU ahead of possible ‘fork’

Roger Ver, the man people call as the “Bitcoin Jesus,” has an offer that he can’t refuse.

Roger Ver to trade up to 130K BTC for BTU ahead of possible ‘fork’According to a Reddit post, a Bitcoin bagholder signed a message from a wallet that contains 40,000 BTC. In the message, the bagholder—who identified himself as “Loaded”—challenged Ver to a BTC/BTU trade in the event that the dreaded hard fork occurs.

“@RogerVer let’s make a deal, 1 for 1 trade. At least 60k, possibly up to 130k, my BTU for your BTC,” the message read.

If you recall, bitcoin developers are currently embroiled in a heated debate on whether the block chain size limit should be supported. One group wants to build a platform called Bitcoin Unlimited, which would not put any restriction on the size of blocks for processing transactions, but another faction wants to maintain the original version called Bitcoin Core.

Now, supporters of the Bitcoin Unlimited are reportedly threatening to set up a “hard fork” for the digital currency marketplace. Essentially, this will be an alternate software platform for bitcoin trading, but it’s one that’s incompatible with the current platform, potentially leading to two versions of the cryptocurrency.

Ver, a proponent of Bitcoin Unlimited, is keen on accepting the offer.

“This sounds like a great deal for both of us. I look forward to ironing out the exact details and terms. I’m super busy for the next 48 hours, but would love to connect after that,” he said.

Loaded also extended the offer to mining mogul Jihan Wu, who has also pledged support to Bitcoin Unlimited.

“Consider it primarily as a vote of no confidence in the Bitcoin Unlimited software and development team as it currently stands. I’ll add the contingency that the deal is null and void if there are major changes to either,” Loaded stated in a further post.

Ver has already said that he would dump his BTC holdings in the event of a hard fork, telling MadBitcoins that he would bulk buy the would-be BTU with BTC.

“I will sell my coins on the slow, expensive Core chain and use the proceeds from that … to buy some of the more useful Bitcoins because Bitcoin Unlimited coins will be so much more useful,” Ver, who is reported to have around 300,000 bitcoins, said in the interview.

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