Donald Trump props: Will the president-elect tweet at his inauguration?

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As Washington prepares for Donald Trump’s big moment, one question remains: How many times will the U.S. president-elect tweet at his inauguration day?

Donald Trump props: Will the president-elect tweet at his inauguration?On the eve of his presidential inauguration, Trump swept into Washington—with fireworks heralding his big moment—and vowed to unify a nation that has been divided and clamoring for change. In his speech at the celebratory evening concert on Thursday night, the real estate mogul and reality television show star said, “We are going to make America great again. And I’ll add, greater than ever before.”

Trump is the first person in the United States to be elected president without having prior experience in public office.

On tweets and the Presidential Oath

Trump, who will be sworn in as the 45th President of the U.S. on Friday, is known for his penchant for sending tweets. So punters want to know: Will he tweet at his inauguration day?

At Bodog, the odds of Trump tweeting under 7.5 times is a favorite at -160, while over 7.5 is available for a price of +120. The tweet counts will start from midnight of Jan. 20 until 11:59, and deleted tweets as well as retweets will not be added towards the final count, according to the sportsbook.

Meanwhile, the odds of Trump’s speech reaching under 10 minutes is a favorite with 6/1 odds, followed by 10 to 14 minutes with 9/2, while 14-18 minutes has 3/1 chance of happening, and 18-22 minutes and over 22 minutes have 3/2 and 3/1 odds, respectively.

Trump not omitting a word of the Presidential Oath has 1/4 odds of happening, and the president-elect not repeating his now infamous “fake news” remark also has 2/7 odds of happening. With the presidential oath, Trump must clearly omit a word or stop mid-sentence for the inaugurator to repeat him or herself for “Yes” to be graded as win, according to Bodog.


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