PokerVision Network searching for a modern day Mike Sexton

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Digital broadcasting new boy PokerVision has announced plans to search for a modern day Mike Sexton in a bid to find the right voice for their new multi-platform digital TV Channel.

When the Poker Central team waved the white flag and announced plans to pull down the steel shutters for the last time on Dec 31, 2016, it served as a warning to anyone looking to use TV as a way into the hearts and minds of the Millennials.

ePlay Digital Inc. is about to take full advantage of that warning.

PokerVision Network searching for a modern day Mike SextonA fortnight ago, ePlay Digital Inc. announced plans to launch the Poker Vision Network (PVN) TV Channel. Pitched as The Next Generation of TV Networks, PVN will initially open up for business in Canada and will cover poker, gaming and eSports events.

In parting, Poker Central Prez, Joe Kakaty, explained how they learned that the millennial audience wanted new and original content. The PVN believes they have that covered.

In the press release issued at the time, Jim Nelles, Head of Broadcasting for the PVN, talked about the death of ‘single-screen viewing’ and the expectations of the viewers to have a more immersive experience. The PVN team will base their foundations on this knowledge.

Two weeks on and PVN has announced plans to search for the next Mike Sexton and Vince Van Patten. Nelles told the press that they are searching for the ‘next generation of TV personalities to engage and entertain.’

I believe there is only one place they should be looking and that’s on the Twitch platform. Players like Jamie Staples and Kevin Martin, who incidentally live in Canada, are vastly experienced commentators after single-handedly creating personal brands and massive following on the live streaming platform.

Proven commentators like Sexton and the team of Norman Chad and Lon McEachern at ESPN do not have the experience of managing multiple digital platforms across multiple screens while fielding questions from a variety of different sources while themselves trying to compete.

The Aussie Millions recognised this when they drafted Twitch sensation Jason Somerville into the fold. 888Live London also got into the act hiring Parker ‘Tonkaaaa’ Talbot to commentate, recently.

PVN’s international talent search begins 10th January 2017.

If you are interested, then head to the PVN company website to register your intention to audition.


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