US presidential odds and ends: PaddyPower starts paying punters who bet on Clinton

US presidential odds and ends: PaddyPower starts paying punters who bet on Clinton

The Election Day is still three weeks away, but Irish betting site PaddyPower is already sure of Clinton’s victory that it is already paying out $1.1 million to those who bet on the Democratic nominee.

US presidential odds and ends: PaddyPower starts paying punters who bet on ClintonAccording to PaddyPower, Clinton has an 85.7 percent chance of winning the elections, while Trump’s campaign—for all intents and purposes—is already dead with 18.2 percent chances of victory.

In fact, the betting site confirmed to CNN Money that it has paid some 6,000 British and Irish gamblers who placed their bets on Clinton before 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday. The biggest bet on Clinton was $61,485.

“The recent flood of revelations have halted [Trump’s] momentum and his chances now look as patchy as his tan,” PaddyPower said in a blog post.

But there’s still a bit of time left, and who knows what will happen when Trump and Clinton face off in the third and final round of the U.S. presidential debate on Wednesday night. And just like the previous debates, many pundits are wondering what the Republican candidate has up in his sleeves this time around.

Trump went into the second presidential debate well-prepared, yet the odds of him sitting in the Oval Office continues to shorten. Sportsbook Bodog pegged Trump’s odds to be the next president of the United States at +350 (7/2), whereas Clinton continues to be a favorite to win at -500 (1/5).

Debate specials

One thing is for sure, there will be plenty to watch for on Wednesday night—aside from the two candidates’ platforms and incendiary comments.

Bodog pegged the probability of the two shaking hands before the debate begins at -120 (5/6). The odds of Trump wearing a red tie is at 1/2, followed by blue at 3/1, yellow and gold at 4/1, and black at 20/1. Clinton, on the other hand, is favored to wear a blue jacket at 2/3, followed by black or white at 5/1, while yellow or gold is at 7/1, and red is at 30/1.

Other debate specials are also available, including Trump being the first to interrupt (1/3); Trump saying “tremendous” at 8.5 over/under; number of times Trump will say “Make America Great Again” at 2 over/under, or “Wikileaks” at 3.5 over/under, and “rig” or “rigged” at 4.5 over/under.

Meanwhile, the odds of the third presidential debate getting more viewers than the second is at +150 (3/20). NBC network is expected to have the most recorded viewers at 1/2, followed by ABC at 7/4, then CBS at 5/1, and Fox at 9/1.