US Presidential Odds and Ends: Hillary Clinton still favorite to win

It’s a close presidential race, as the latest polling numbers show nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump running neck and neck just before the first presidential debate.

US Presidential Odds and Ends: Hillary Clinton still favorite to winFor punters, however, there’s a more important question that needs to be answered: What color will Trump’s tie be?

Clinton still a favorite

First, which party will win in the November presidential election? At Bodog, the Democrats’ frontrunner remains to be a favorite at -220 (5/11), while the Republican Party is at +175 (7/4).

The two nominees are scheduled to go head to head in their first presidential debate on Monday night, which is favored to have a higher Nielsen rating at -1000 (1/10) than Monday Night Football, which is at  +550 (11/2).

Debate specials

There will be plenty to watch for on Monday night. Clinton is the first woman nominee of the two major parties, while Trump is the first not currently elected nominee to take part in a presidential debate. But beyond their platforms and incendiary comments, punters are also interested on the candidates’ threads.

The odds of Trump wearing a red tie is at 1/2, followed by blue at 3/2, while yellow, gold and other color is at 11/1, and black at 33/1.

The probability of Clinton wearing a blue jacket is at 4/7, followed by white at 5/2 and black at 5/1, while red and brown are at 10/1, and other colors are at 25/1.

Of liars and bigots

There’s a whole host of other prop bets available, including the probabilities that Trump will call Clinton a liar (-220), will refer to his rival as “crooked Hillary” (-200), will mention former President Bill Clinton during the course of the debate (+120), and will say “build the wall” or “build a wall” (-300).

Meanwhile, the odds of Clinton mentioning Melania Trump is at +140, while saying “bigot” or “bigotry” is at -200, and saying “deplorable” is at -250.