Matt Marafioti Resurfaces Alive, Well And in Fine Form

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Several weeks after poker player Randy Dorfman published a ‘Have You Seen Him’ post on Twitter, former World Poker Tour One’s to Watch star, Matt Marafioti, resurfaces on Social Media explaining that he has just been on a camping trip.

I last saw Matt Marafioti in July 2015.

Matt Marafioti Resurfaces Alive, Well And in Fine FormI was waiting for a seat in a cash game in the Rio when he handed me a bunch of chips and told me to have a great time at the tables.

I thought he was clearly demented.

And then he told me that he loved my stuff.


He continued to tell me that most of what I wrote were garbage; he didn’t agree with most of my views, thought I was nuts, but admired the way I was up front about things.

And then I realised he was utterly ordinary.

I have always liked Matt ever since I interviewed him in 2012, so I was a little concerned when on July 12 Randy Dorfman published a tweet that read:

“Important!! If anyone has seen Matt Marafioti please contact me. Has not been heard from since June & family is extremely worried. Plz rtwt.”

It seemed serious enough.

His parents were worried, the Las Vegas police department was involved, and a Private Investigator had also been hired to find him.

It seemed like it was Johannes Strassmann all over again.

And then he resurfaced on Twitter telling everyone to take a chill pill; he had been camping, did not have a mental illness, and that Randy Dorfman is not his friend and was confused as to why he would concern himself with his family affairs.?

Dorfman reacted to the tweet by stating that it’s ‘very clear Matt suffers severe mental illness’ and that he ‘DESPERATELY’ needs help before saying he got involved at the request of Marafioti’s family.

Marafioti reacted by creating a YouTube video explaining that he received $65,000 from his parents from an advance on a house and decided to leave poker because it’s a ‘very seedy, one-sided’ community.

He also talks about his relationship with Drake, the allegations that he is suffering from mental illness, and questioning why the people in the poker community are trying to help him “when he has no friends in poker” especially Randy Dorfman who is a “Jewish mobster”.

I nearly forgot.

He shares the whole thing while doing his very best Spiderman impression.


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