Larry Flynt’s new California casino logo draws fire from local prudes

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larry-flynt-lucky-lady-casino-signA provocatively dressed woman perched above the entrance of Larry Flynt’s latest California casino is drawing fire from local prudes.

Last week, Hustler adult entertainment founder Flynt was revealed as the buyer of the Normandie Casino in Gardena. The Normandie’s former owners were forced to sell out after being caught engaging in some questionable financial transactions with high-rolling customers.

When the sale was announced, Flynt’s team confirmed that its new property would be rebranded as Larry Flynt’s Lucky Lady Casino when it opens this Monday (18). But now that the rebranding is underway, local Gardena City Council members have found their knickers in an uncomfortable bunch.

The logo features a cartoon woman wearing what appears to be either a one-piece swimsuit or a low cut cocktail dress. The woman sits astride the two upturned stems of the “Y” in the word Lucky, hands on her knees, legs visible only from the side.

Local media reported that Council members asked Flynt if he couldn’t come up with a sign that’s “a little more tasteful.” The offended Council members claim the image is demeaning to women and believe such a sign shouldn’t be the first thing visitors to Gardena encounter as they enter the city from the east.

City attorneys have admitted that the Council has no power to impose their view of morality on local businesses’ signage decisions. However, Flynt’s deal to buy the Normandie has yet to be finalized due to unresolved questions over how much gambling revenue the casino will share with the city.

The Daily Breeze reported that the city is seeking a minimum of $800k per month from Flynt’s two Gardena casinos (Flynt also owns the Hustler Casino on the same street). The $800k figure is in line with the $10m the two properties collectively contributed to city coffers in the last fiscal year.

To soften this blow, the city is offering Flynt discounts on its mandatory 12% cut when a property’s monthly revenue exceeds $2m, as well as agreeing to offer Flynt an initial loan of $256k.

Flynt is balking at the city’s monthly minimums request, noting that he plans to invest $17m in renovations to his new property, which will increase annual property tax by around $911k. Flynt has also suggested he will add a hotel and retail shopping options at his new property.